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Online Mattress Shopping Guide Release by Best Mattress Brand

Bed and review blog announces their guide to buying a bed online, featuring detailed tips for consumers.


Buffalo, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/11/2014 --Think buying a mattress online is a risky move? According to reviews and surveys, it might not be so crazy after all. The latest article from Best Mattress Brand, published June 10, aims to clarify misconceptions about online mattress shopping and provides tips for getting the best bed.

In the guide, titled “Online Mattress Shopping: What You Should Know,” Best Mattress Brand first explains advantages and disadvantages of buying a bed. Despite conventional wisdom that one must test a mattress in person to determine comfort, the blog cites sources indicating satisfaction rates may actually be similar for both online and showroom purchases. They identify key advantages as convenience, less pressure, and better prices. And while returning can be more of hassle, they also find that online retailers tend to offer more favorable return policies than showrooms to attract customers.

After explaining why buying a mattress online makes sense, the blog guides readers through a seven-step checklist designed to help readers identify the best options. The article also offers detailed pointers on how to compare beds and see through the fine print. From an overview of major mattress types to the importance of reviews and how to get the best prices, the guide aims to equip readers to make smarter buying choices.

Anyone considering a new mattress will find useful information in Best Mattress Brand’s guide, from insider pricing tips to tips for decoding warranties and return policies. The blog also links to previous guides on the best mattress brands and hosts several brand reviews and comparisons for those ready to start shopping.

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