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Online Obituaries for Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17


Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/09/2014 --An online memorial ( has been created to help preserve the stories of the tragedy of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17.

A total of 298 people were onboard that flight and all those perished. With this internationally heart breaking incident, it is important to make the information of the people that the world lost accessible to anyone who wants to pay their respects. 298 lives came to a crashing halt on that day and it is crucial to remember that each one of those 298 had a family and their own life story. It is paramount to share their stories with the world.

On the front of the virtual memorial, all of the victims can be viewed at a glance by going through the browsing pages. A picture has been chosen for each of the victims. Below their picture on this page is a small exert of their biography that can be seen on their personal page. More information about the specific person can be seen once their box is clicked. It will take you directly to their person page.

Once a person is clicked you are taken to a person page devoted to them and the life that they lived. Information about them is presented, as well as a larger picture of them that was also shown on the front page of the website. Details about their full name, birthdate, country of origin, and age are presented at the top of the page. Below their picture you can choose to leave a free memorial in the form of a small picture of flowers or candles. There are already many memorials for each person left by people that have viewed their page and have paid their respects. These memorials that people choose to leave are then labelled with the name of who left it. Below these memorials is a brief biography of their life. Some have more information than others. References are given to original articles where their life information was gathered.

At the bottom of the page it is also an option to share the personal pages of each victim though Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and many more. This page is a small representation of the person and their life. It is important to remember those who have passed, especially in such a saddening and sudden manner. These people will forever be remembered in this virtual memorial devoted to them.

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