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Los Angeles, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/02/2015 --PsychNook is proud to announce that our brand-new online therapy website is launching in August 2015. Our site offers a comfortable solution for people looking for mental health services all around the world. With only a computer and a webcam, patients can now connect with their therapist from the comfort of their own home. This way is especially beneficial for those who live a busy lifestyle or do not have the time or ability to travel to appointments, or people living in remote areas who do not have easy access to mental health services. Online therapy also solves confidentiality issues: patients can anonymously sign up for therapy sessions without anyone knowing and avoiding inconvenient questions and situations. Online therapy is also suitable for those who simply prefer the ease and flexibility that it can provide as well.

PsychNook uses an internally developed, highly user-friendly and secure system. There is no need to download or install any programs or applications; it runs on any modern browser. The system sends patients a message with a link to a secure online 'therapy room' where they can then easily enter a private one-to-one session using their web-cam. Christopher Rea, CEO of PsychNook said: `We started developing the video software 4 years ago. Unlike many other online therapy sites, we wanted to avoid using other well-known video chat programs, since they are not HIPAA compliant, which means they are not suitable for protecting patient`s private health information. Our system is anonymous, HIPAA compliant and highly secure to ensure the conversations stay between the patient and the therapist. PsychNook`s highest priority are the users, and their confidentiality`, the CEO explained. `We are constantly developing our system to make the processes as smooth as possible from signing up, through scheduling appointments to paying.` Dr. Nicholas Jenner, a Berlin-based therapist says "I have been delivering online webcam-based therapy for several years now. The iCam system is by far the best in terms of ease of use, security, and features".

PsychNook also puts a great emphasis on selecting the appropriate counselors. As Rea pointed out: `We provide world-wide coverage in terms of picking counselors from different parts of the World. We have providers in the U.S, U. K, New-Zealand….which enables patients to schedule appointments comfortably in a wide variety of time zones. We also strive to cover as many areas of mental health services as possible. We provide family, couples and marriage counseling, grief counseling, sex therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, treating a range of issues such as depression, anxiety, ADHD, phobias, eating disorders and substance abuse problems. We strictly filter all credentials and licenses of our counselors ourselves. Providing users a professional, high-quality service is our number one mission.

But is online therapy effective, many ask. Although, there will still be the majority who will always prefer the human presence of seeing someone 'face to face', there is growing research that suggests more people are becoming just as comfortable using web-based therapy. In fact, evidence points to the fact that it can be just as effective. Not to mention online therapy is often more cost-effective than face-to face therapy since it eliminates additional costs like traveling and child care. Says Dr. Jenner; "I have both a face to face and online practice. My experience is that once people become familiar with the technology, online is at least as good as in person, and may be better because the client is in the comfort of their own home and not stressed from an aggravating journey. I believe that over the next few years this will become the normal delivery method for the majority of people seeking counseling."

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PsychNook truly believes that online therapy will become a more and more valuable way in which we can offer help to people with common difficulties like stress, depression and anxiety. Our mission is to make therapy options available for more people and demolish the common myth that getting mental help is time-consuming and difficult.

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