Harwood Chiropractic Centre

Ontario Chiropractor Offering Exclusive Laser Therapy Options for Area Patients

Harwood Chiropractic is the only chiropractor in Ajax, Ontario offering BioFlex and K-Laser Therapies to area patients


Ajax, ON -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/25/2014 --Harwood Chiropractic in Ajax, Ontario is offering exclusive access to two advanced laser therapy systems offered nowhere else in the area. Patients setting appointments at Harwood can take advantage of these new technologies following an initial consultation to determine which system is the right fit for specific conditions. As with any procedure it’s imperative to first consult the specialists at Harwood before moving forward with any treatment. Their professional guidance is the first step towards achieving ultimate health goals and finding relief from irritating pain symptoms. Laser therapy is a contemporary way to treat a variety of symptoms, from sports injuries to soft tissue trauma as well as tears and skin conditions. Back pain, arthritis and some wounds are also excellent candidate scenarios for laser treatment.

Harwood offers two different types of laser treatments for various patient conditions and needs. The BioFlex Laser

Therapy system is a non-invasive and virtually painless procedure. Used commonly around the globe, this procedure often is completed without complications or negative side effects. Most BioFlex treatments take about 30 minutes, with some lasting as long as an hour, dependent on the situation and the patient’s degree of health. The more severe the underlying problems, the longer the treatment may take. The BioFlex laser treatment uses photo-biotherapy, during which laser light photons initiate physiological reaction in the body’s cells which encourage healing and repair.

In addition to the BioFlex system, Harwood also uses the K-Laser therapy system. K-Laser features a Class-4 laser tool which achieves deeper penetration through tissue and as such is commonly used for the treatment of the spine, hip pain and swelling. The K-Laser increases circulation and promotes accelerated healing by providing more energy to cells, which stimulates cell reproduction and growth, enabling faster healing times and rejuvenation. Harwood Chiropractic is the exclusive provider of K-Laser therapy in Ajax. To learn more about the advanced BioFlex and K-Laser treatments available at Harwood Chiropractic, visit them online at www.harwoodchiropractic.com.