Open Health Network

Open Health Network Launches PatientSphere So Consumers Can Control and Monetize Their Medical Data

Platform uses blockchain and smart contracts to enable HIPAA-compliant data sharing among various players in the healthcare ecosystem


Mountain View, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/05/2019 --Open Health Network, a company that enables the rapid creation of mobile health applications, is announcing the launch of PatientSphere, a data-sharing platform that uses blockchain technology to ensure patients have control over their health information.

The PatientSphere platform also offers HIPAA-compliant data-sharing capabilities to healthcare providers, medical researchers, pharmaceutical companies and health insurers.

"It's extremely exciting that patients can now have visibility into all their healthcare data, and the ability to not only share it on their own terms, but also get paid for it," said Tatyana Kanzaveli, chief executive of Open Health Network.

PatientSphere enables patients to pull together data from electronic medical records, mobile health applications, wearable devices, chatbots, informatics programs like Apple HealthKit, Google Fit and other sources into one dashboard, where it remains secure and simple to navigate and share.

Open Health Network has developed cloud-based middleware consisting of HIPAA compliant distributed database that stores patient health data, patient identity management layer powered by blockchain. A metadata layer can be used to publish identified information and can be searched by entities such as pharmaceutical companies looking for clinical trials among others. Such data is in demand from medical researchers and pharma companies seeking out participants for clinical trials, health insurance and healthcare providers to increase adherence to treatments and more.

Health systems can use PatientSphere to design patient experiences aimed at helping patients adhere to courses of treatment, learn about their health, track medications or give consent for certain information to be shared among providers.

Health insurers can use the platform to incentivize healthy behaviors among their members, and researchers and pharmaceutical companies can create modules aimed at finding participants in clinical trials and increase adherence and retention rates.

As PatientSphere launches, Open Health Network will debut a data sharing module in My Cardiac Coach application by American Heart Association available now in Apple and Google stores.

Open Health Network's core platform enables rapid development of personalized digital health solutions such as chatbots, voice and mobile apps and uses artificial intelligence to deploy advanced predictive and data mining algorithms. The modules include configurable surveys, medications adherence, assessments, location-based services and more.

The company's middleware layer, secured with blockchain, helps manage patient identity and data access tracking. It enables patients to monetize their health data with smart contracts, which offer an inviolable audit trail pertaining to what information has been accessed and how it has been used.