OpenAurum Celebrates Successful 2019 So Far and Organized a Retreat for the Global OA Community in Bali, Indonesia


Los Angeles, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/09/2019 --As one of the leading gold mine securities token project, OpenAurum reinforces its commitment to the community by launching the AurumConnect App to be more inclusive and garner more support for its mining operations

Record Revenue Achieved in 1H19 Primarily Due to Increased Demand for Gold in unstable markets

Guidance for Total 2019 Revenue Increased to a Range of $38 to $42 Million from $35 Million Following Unaudited Second Quarter Results Estimated Between $9.5 and $10.6 Million or Between $15 and $17 Million for the First Half of 2019

Global operations to Double in Size; Recruiting Commenced
Launch of Aurum Connect App

Successful integration of gold futures trading with the OpenAurum infrastructure

The OpenAurum Project celebrates a record annual growth with a community outreach event to its members in Bali, Indonesia.A group of OpenAurum leaders from across the world met up to celebrate a successful 2019, and to find out the latest updates in the project. Martin Sal Khalid, CEO of the OpenAurum Project and Maz Keen, CTO was at the venue to share the vision of the company with the global community leaders.

With a record revenue of more than US 15 million achieved so far in 2019, the OpenAurum project expects its global operations to double in size, opening up to more industries apart from the mining community. This target will be met by the launch of the highly anticipated Aurum Connect App, with its interactive interface and blockchain messaging to connect the global Aurum mining community and companies.

"We're delighted to be here in the beautiful city of Bali to celebrate our achievement so far and confirm our commitment to this community, so that they can grow with the project and be a force to be reckoned with," said Maz Keen, OpenAurumCTO. "As digitization and automation continues at pace, having a market leading App is more important than ever. These are exactly the value Aurum Connect offers to the community. In addition, I am proud to declare that our Gold Futures trading division has taken off well in 2019 and we are reporting very healthy year on year returns."

The Aurum gold futures team has successfully managed to gain a strong foothold in the current market. With the global adoption of the StableGold (GLDS) currency, the group was able to expand its gold operations rapidly and forge new strategic partnerships.

"We are pleased with the progress made to date, including the significant revenue growth we've achieved for OpenAurum," commented Mateen Sal Khalid, Ceo of OpenAurum. "We anticipate OpenAurum revenue growth to accelerate further after global expansion approval and with a larger sales team, and then again after we commence procurement of new mines and new equipment to accelerate our mining capabilities. We are preparing for a robust launch of the AurumConnect App to see enhancing our interaction with the OpenAurum Community."

Community leaders from the group also recently went on a trip to Madagascar, Africa to view the mining operations, meet up with the Mayor and also to know more about the mining ministry in the country.

As a result of the strong growth in 2019, demand for the OpenAurum tokens had increased tremendously in its listed exchange, Coineal, resulting in a positive price action. 2019 is looking to be a record breaking year for the OpenAurum project and its future looks optimistic with its many updates along the pipeline.

About OpenAurum
Aurum Asset Management is a UK based company that is on the frontier of bringing real world assets into the digital realm using the blockchain. The founding members of Aurum Asset Management were key management personnel from reputable cryptocurrency projects such as Latoken, Polymath and Cardano. Aurum Asset Management is behind the revolutionary Open Aurum platform, which is responsible for the creation, marketing and listing of the Open Aurum token (GOLD), which will be backed by and pegged to the output from Artisanal Small Gold Mines, as well as the Stable Gold token (GLDS) which is a stable coin linked to the physical gold at 1 token per gram of 99.99 gold.