Opportunity to Invest in DogSpot, Smart Sidewalk Dog Sanctuaries That Will Benefit Cities Across the US


Brooklyn, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/25/2018 --An exciting opportunity has become available to invest in a Brooklyn company that makes hi-tech dog houses and places them outside of stores where dogs aren't allowed. DogSpot (formerly Dog Parker), which are state-of-the-art dog houses, provide a safe and comfortable space for dogs while their owners enter establishments where dogs are not allowed.

The company has already raised $3,039,167 from more than 188 investors and they have secured large, regional location and advertising partnerships to push hundreds of DogSpots across the country in 2018. For the first time, the company is giving the public the opportunity to invest in the future of dog friendly.

For as little as $250 you can invest here:

DogSpots are made from veterinary-grade, non-porous materials. Heating and air conditioning ensure that the temperature is perfect for the pup, and fans keep the air fresh inside. Made in consultation with veterinarians, animal behaviorists and other animal experts, Dog Parkers are engineered to be comfortable, healthy environments for each animal. The design includes auto-sanitizing UV lights that kill bacteria, viruses and molds between uses.

DogSpots are placed at the entrance to locations where dogs are prohibited and they provide a safe, legal, and convenient sanctuary for a dog of almost any size or breed. A far better alternative than tethering a dog or leaving a dog in a car, the innovative units are proving to be extremely popular. Following the successful installation of 50 units across Brooklyn, the company has plans to expand into 63 more walkable US cities.

"We want to bring DogSpot to every city in the US," enthused Chelsea Brownridge, CEO and Founder of Dog Parker. "We want to open up the opportunity for all our super fans and prospective partners to be a part of what we're building. So, if you'd like to make every store, town, and city dog-friendly, I invite you to join us. Be a part of our growth."

Technology-enabled DogSpots are internet connected so the dog inside can be monitored by his owner and by a customer service team, 24/7. Each DogSpot features a Puppy Cam so owners can see how their dog is doing via their smartphone while they go about their duties.

The DogSpot app contains information on the entire network of DogSpot in the area so users can easily find their nearest unit and reserve it up to 15 minutes in advance with just a swipe of their screen. Unlock the door of the DogSpot using the app or with a membership card; only the smartphone owner or cardholder can access the unit and the dog inside.

"The team has a deep entrepreneurial drive to build a hugely successful company and a personal passion for pet care that will change the everyday lives of millions," said Jesse Draper, Founding Partner of Halogen Ventures. "Their smart dog houses are just the beginning. Their expertise in this technology will allow them to become world leaders in smart city innovation."