OPTASY Starts Implementing AI Into Their Web Development Workflow and Their Clients' Web Projects

The company, which has been experimenting with AI for some time now, reveals using innovative technologies to automate their work processes and to power their clients' web projects with.


Toronto, ON -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/13/2018 --The Toronto-based web development company specialized in Drupal, which has been providing a wide range of web development services for +10 years, divulged using AI in their work.

It seems like the Canadian team had been exploring AI and machine learning for leveling up their services for a while now.

They've been experimenting with innovative technologies to speed up their in-house processes and they've been integrating AI solutions — chatbots, voice search — into their clients' projects, as well.

"We had already been experimenting with AI while trying to make our own web development processes more efficient. To automate all those recurring and repetitive tasks included in our workflows. Then, encouraged by the results, we started to add AI and machine learning implementations to our "menu" of web development services. Now, we keep exploring, testing and evaluating the impact of AI on web development. The power of AI to take the user experience to the next level." said OPTASY CTO Adrian Ababei.

And OPTASY's decision to incorporate AI solutions into their web development workflows doesn't impact just their own developers' efficiency. Developers who are now saved the trouble of carrying of all those tedious, repetitive tasks and free to focus more on truly valuable aspects of the process.

It also bubbles up to their clients' projects, since automation accelerates the development process itself.

Moreover, by implementing AI into their projects and helping their clients, too, implement AI solutions into their own IT environments, OPTASY's only keeping the same focus for their web development services: to constantly improve the user experience.

And that's precisely the impact of AI on web development, (even) better UX taking the form of:

- relevant, highly personalized user experiences; AI technology implemented in e-commerce websites and web apps allows for relevant product recommendations (and other types of served content) based on the customer's past searches and purchases

- (even) faster search: voice search is the answer to users' eagerness to get the needed information super fast and conveniently easy

- predicted (and shaped) customer behavior: machine learning enables marketing predictions based on online customers' behavior

- conversational interactions: chatbots have the biggest impact on the customer experience

Since 2005, OPTASY's been constantly enriching its range of services: from exclusively Drupal and web development services to mobile app development, to e-commerce development, AR/VR development and now AI and machine learning consulting and implementation services.