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Options for Different Filter Media from All Service Contracting Corp

All Service Contracting Corp offers various types of filter media that can be used in pressure type filters and gravity type filters as well as underdrains and rehabilitation products.


Decatur, IL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/20/2015 --All Service Contracting Corp prides itself for being on top when it comes to companies that offer filter media services. Its specialty focuses on removing and replacing underdrains. It is also considered as a one stop shop when it comes to filter media because of the many choices available. These filter media can be used in both gravity and pressure type of filters that are used in treatment facilities for water and waste water. There are seven different types of filter media available on the company website – anthracite filter media, sand filter media, support gravel media, garnet filter media, zeolite resin filter media, granular activated carbon and manganese greensand.

The anthracite is a good choice if higher flow rate is required while the filter runs are longer which reduces the head loss. This is better compared to filter beds equipped with single media. The rate of backwash is also reduced while the anthracite helps in extending the usable life of the filter before the media has to be replaced. The sand filter media is acquired from the company's own sand resource which is more than 500 acres while underground depth is 110 feet. The sand then goes through a process called hydraulic classification and undergoes resizing. The support gravel is responsible in supporting the filter medium and is located at the lower strata of the filter bed.

Garnet is a type of filter media that possesses high density granules and hardness. If the filter bed is a dual media then it is the best option to use in the lower strata. Zeolite is a man made type of filter media but with high quality and capacity. Manganese greensand is mostly used in filters when chemicals such as manganese, hydrogen sulfide and soluble iron need to be filtered out from well water. For granular activated carbon, All Service is a supplier of the filter media either from domestic or foreign source. It can be ordered in both vapor and liquid phase. The product meets the standard set by AWWA. To learn more about the different filter media as well as underdrains and other rehabilitation services, visit the company website at

About All Service Contracting Corp
All Service Contracting Corp is a company that specializes in removing and replacing underdrains as well as filter media used in either gravity or pressure type filters of various treatment facilities for water and waste water. For more information regarding their products and services, contact Brian Burcham at 1-888-233-3018 or email him at The company's business address is located at 2024 E Damon Ave Decatur, IL 62526.