Oralogica RINSE Is the World's First Organic Mouthwash, Introducing the First Oral Care Innovation in a Generation


Minneapolis, MN -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/11/2017 --Oralogica RINSE, the world's first organic mouthwash and the most significant oral care innovation in decades, is now live on global crowdfunding platform Indiegogo, generating funds to broaden its market range.

Oralogica RINSE is disrupting long-entrenched assumptions about what constitutes effective oral care by fully utilizing the benefits of organic ingredients. The patent-pending processes combine purified water with organic essential oils and all-natural organic xylitol to leave mouths clean, fresh and happy.

"In a category that hasn't seen a significant product advancement in decades, it is time to give consumers an alternative to chemical-laden products, many of whose ingredients are well-known for causing adverse health effects, such as alcohol and glycerin," says CEO David Dolezal. "Oralogica also takes a holistic product view, by avoiding the over-reliance on plastic, a hallmark of traditional oral care. Oralogica RINSE exclusively uses glass bottles to safeguard effectiveness and flavor, with the added benefit of customer reuse and easy recycling. And by taking these steps – eliminating unnecessary ingredients and improving packaging – we are able to keep our prices comparable to products currently on the market."

What sets Oralogica RINSE apart:

- Only essential oils are used – 100% surfactant free - naturally and organically cleaning teeth while sending nutrients through the enamel to the dentin, nerves and the roots below

- 100% alcohol (linked to a variety of health issues including mouth cancer) and glycerin (known to block teeth from absorbing essential nutrients) free

- Patent-pending formula created by our clinical pharmacist formulated for maximum effectiveness and is free of dyes and chemicals that make traditional mouthwashes blue and green

- Comparably priced without sacrificing quality

"By working with a clinical pharmacist for efficacy and a master chef for flavor, we offer consumers a mouthwash they can feel good about – 100% naturally and organically sourced ingredients and category-defying design employing a reusable high-quality glass bottle. We save them the time and the stress of distinguishing between dozens of choices with the same ingredient list," adds Dolezal.

Oralogica RINSE is currently live and available to support on Indiegogo. Funding options include a choice of either Mint or Cinnamon in a single bottle for $7.00 or a pack of four for $28.00 - http://bit.ly/2wFLNNN.

About Oralogica
Oralogica was founded on the belief that consumers have waited too long 100% organic oral care alternatives. After a significant investment over several years, Oralogica discovered a patent-pending method of combining purified water with organic essential oils. The result is RINSE from Oralogica. This revolutionary mouthwash – the first in a robust portfolio of organic oral care products – promises to be the first truly innovative addition to a long-stagnated category. 

For more information on Oralogica please visit http://www.oralogica.com.