Orange 30 Promises Fast, Affordable 3D Printing for Widespread Use


San Diego, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/31/2019 --The new Orange 30 3D printer from Longer can benefit both hobbyists and professionals. The 3D printing method is useful for a wide range of industries, including dentistry and jewelry design, to name just a few. It can also be used to create miniature models, as well as product prototypes.

All of this capability comes in a compact housing that can fit easily on top of any desk or workbench. In fact, it takes up only about one square foot of table space, leaving plenty of room for the user to work.

The body is made of metal for enhanced durability and heat transfer. In case of overheating, internal sensors will automatically shut down the device to prevent damage and prolong its life. A high-efficiency cooling system helps keep the device as cool as possible, enabling fast printing speeds.

A built-in high-sensitivity touchscreen makes it easy for users to enter the specifications for their designs. They can also utilize the 3D printer's associated software, dubbed Longerware, which allows them to create their designs on a laptop or desktop computer. Once the design is complete, they can copy it to an SD card and plug it into the printer.

Longer currently offers three resin types: dental model, nylon-like engineering and standard rapid. The dental resin is light brown in color, and the engineering resin is clear. The standard variety comes in both of those colors, as well as gray and white.

The Orange 30 team has already completed testing of the prototype and is ready to move forward with production. To help them accomplish this goal, they will be launching a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter with a funding goal of $30,000. This influx of cash will fund the initial production run and the final rounds of testing required to get the product ready for consumer use.

The earliest campaign contributors can get an Orange 30 3D printer and a 250-ml bottle of the resin of their choice for just $199. This represents a significant discount when compared to the expected retail price of $450. Once backers have claimed all of these super early bird offers, the price will rise to $239, followed by $259. Higher contribution levels earn backers additional bottles of resin or multiple printers. Longer expects to ship products out to campaign supporters in August 2019.