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Knowing where to turn following an auto accident in California can be a difficult process for injured motorists. For those seeking legal advice from a knowledgeable source online, the best car accident lawyer in California is now offering important accident facts to help injured residents with free legal consultations.


Santa Ana, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/12/2016 --The Law Offices of Alexander D. Napolin, is now offering free legal consultations for victims of motor vehicle collisions on the roadways and freeways of surrounding cities: Anaheim, Santa Ana, Orange, Garden Grove, Fullerton, Tustin, Villa Park, Yorba Linda, Buena Park, Irvine, Costa Mesa, and Brea in Orange County California. The opening of a new office in Brea California will also lead to better service to the community of Orange County Ca.

In the first few minutes following impact in an auto accident it can be difficult for drivers and passengers to keep their composure and know what important steps they should take to secure their safety. With the possibility of severe injuries and emotions at an all time high, it pays to have good legal advice from an experienced car accident lawyer to help auto accident victims make it through the next few days, weeks and months following the incident.

Luckily, for Southern California residents, the Orange County Car Accident Lawyer has recently released important information that can help car accident and personal injury victims make it through this difficult and stressful time. While there is plenty of information about car accidents floating around on the Internet today, it pays for Orange County residents to get the facts from the best car accident lawyer in California. From understanding an auto accident victims rights to looking out for common tricks that insurance companies like to try, it pays to be informed and get legal advice from the best in personal injury lawyer in California.

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Knowing What To Do After a Car Accident

Each day in America more than 30 people die from injuries sustained in car accidents. What happens following a car accident on the roads of Orange County largely depends on the action steps made by motorists in the first few minutes after impact. It is very important that drivers and passengers remember that once all life-threatening injuries have been addressed, someone needs to call 911 and file a report with the police.

Car accidents where no police have been called to the scene are much harder to fight in court due to lack of information. After the police have been called to the scene, the Orange County Car Accident Lawyer recommends that injured parties do their best to document the scene by taking cell phone photos, getting contact information from any witnesses and most importantly, remaining calm.

In some cases, injuries may not be immediately evident and that can lead motorists to deny medical assistance at the scene. In fact, minor injuries may keep some motorists from pursuing a personal injury claim but the team Orange County Car Accident Lawyer urges those who have been involved in an auto accident to quickly seek legal advice no matter the severity of their injuries, as some injuries can worsen over time. A good car accident lawyer will be able to help victims get the compensation they deserve for all injuries sustained in a car accident.

While the Orange County Car Accident Lawyer outlines more than 10 important steps injured motorists should take following an auto accident, one thing is very clear, acting quickly to secure legal counsel is paramount.

About Law office is centered around a philosophy of great communication. A car accident injury lawsuit or a serious legal problem is often the most stressful and taxing event that a person will face in their life. Our clients know what is going on in their case and have the opportunity to communicate with me personally on a daily basis if necessary. Thorough and consistent attorney-client communication ensures that each client is aware of where there case is, where their case is headed and what to expect, and this awareness can significantly lower the high levels of stress many people experience when going though any type of legal process. Our Law Firm is Expanding into the Northern area of Orange County of Brea California. 135 South State College Boulevard, Brea, California 92821.

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