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Ordering Fully Customized Engagement Rings Now Made Possible by Patrick Saada and Galith


Ramat Gan, Israel -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/24/2018 --Patrick Saada, the popular founder of Infinite Diam, has been a leader in diamond trading and manufacturing as well as mining since 2013 when he founded his company. But thanks to his never-ending vision, customers looking for superior quality engagement rings can now order fully customized ones online through Galith, the jewelry shop he founded with his daughter.

While diamond engagement rings are always available online through various shops, Patrick Saada's own jewelry shop, Galith, which he launched last year, provides a different kind of service. The jewelry shop which Patrick Saada formed with his daughter, also named Galith, is destined to do well, especially since it offers a unique and highly personalized service: diamond engagement rings which can be fully and completely customized according to the customers' taste, preference, and budget.

Patrick Saada has been associated with the diamond sector for many years, being involved in diamond mining in Sierra Leone since 2007. In 2013, he brought his vision to life with the launching of Infinite Diam, which Patrick Saada now runs with expert help from his own family. Today, Patrick Saada has built a solid reputation in diamond mining, trading, and manufacturing.

But the vision of Patrick Saada has brought him even further. With the launching of Galith in 2017, Patrick Saada and his daughter, Galith, are now able to bring beautiful and custom diamond engagement rings to customers anywhere in the world.

Galith, the daughter, has been trained in New York at the GIA, and she has been involved in the family business from the time she was young. Her mission is to bring stellar diamond jewelry to anyone with the affordable pricing she and her father, Patrick Saada, can offer. They are able to offer lower prices for diamond engagement rings and other jewelry simply because they have been able to eliminate the middlemen as well as markups.

But going back to custom diamond engagement rings – Galith, thanks to her expertise in diamond jewelry design, can help customers find the best rings for their loved ones with the fully customizable aspect of the service. On the Galith website, customers can just click on the option to design a custom ring, and they will then be able to request precisely what they need – whether it's a specific diamond shape or size, a style or setting, a budget, a time schedule, or other specifications.

About Patrick Saada
The expertise of Patrick Saada when it comes to rough diamonds cannot be denied, especially since he is the founder of diamond mining, trading, and manufacturing company Infinite Diam. Those who would like to learn more about Patrick Saada and his professional endeavors can visit his own website.