Orebits Corporation, Inc

Orebits Corp. Appoints William Purpura, Chairman of the COMEX Governors, to Board of Directors

World’s first provider of digitized, gold-backed, smart securities, expands corporate leadership team with the appointment of veteran broker and metals and futures expert.


New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/06/2018 --Orebits Corporation—the first company to utilize blockchain and distributed ledger technologies to digitize unrefined gold claims into a new security and asset class, announced today the appointment of internationally recognized metal futures expert and COMEX Governors Committee Chairman, William Purpura, to the Orebits Corp. Board of Directors.  
Orebits CEO, Michael Warren, heralded the appointment as further proof of the company's asset-digitization platform and new asset class, Orebits.AU, being embraced and heralded by leaders throughout the metals futures and fin-tech marketplace.  

"Orebits set out to revolutionize how miners could turn their long-term claims and unrefined reserves into greater short-term liquidity." shared Mr. Warren, "Having an executive of the caliber of Mr. Purpura join our Board, further validates the long-term potential and unique viability of Orebits.AU in the metals and commodities marketplace."

Orebits Executive Director and company spokesperson, Carlos Montoya, had this to add, "You'd be hard-pressed to pick a more qualified leader or more proven executive than Mr. Purpura to help harness and steer the entrepreneurial spirit and incredible marketplace momentum that Orebits is currently experiencing." 

Mr. Purpura's role as on the COMEX Governors included negotiating equity and electronic trading rights for the COMEX members. Purpura began trading metals in 1978, became a COMEX member in 1981 and co-founded one of the largest COMEX brokers, Great Lakes Metals, Inc., whose clients included major bullion banks, fund managers and large professional traders throughout the industry. He was an international advisor to the Shanghai Gold Exchange and was one of the first foreigners to establish trading firms in China. Both COMEX and NYMEX are subsidiaries of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME). 

Montoya concluded, "Mr. Purpura's renowned expertise and his unsurpassed understanding and trading of the global metals markets are proof positive of the incredible talent and visionary leadership Orebits is sure to garner with this exciting appointment."

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