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Orebits Corp. Introduces New CEO Michael Warren, Appoints Jack Schneider, Former Allen & Company Executive and Renowned Media Summit Creator to Board of Directors

World’s first provider of smart securities, backed by unrefined gold reserves—validated in the form of Orebits.AU—stakes claim to a new direction in corporate leadership, growth in 2018.


New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/12/2018 --Orebits Corporation (orebits.io)—the first company in the world to digitize claims to unrefined gold reserves, as the underlying asset behind a new financial product class, is proud to introduce Michael Warren, an international force in executive-level team leadership, strategic partnerships, and a proven authority in fundraising across multiple technology sectors, as its new CEO.

According to Carlos Montoya, corporate spokesperson for Orebits Corp., the move coincides with the addition of longstanding Allen & Co. Sun Valley Conference pioneer John 'Jack' Schneider to the company's board of directors.

"These high-level additions to the team reflect the desire and intent of the company's board of directors to energize new growth at Orebits Corp., and further reflect the company's intent to be a recognized leader in the development and greater marketplace positioning of blockchain-based asset-digitization technology over the long haul," Montoya said.

"Mr. Warren brings a proven, entrepreneurial spirit to our legacy of having created a brand new asset class through the digitization process. Very importantly, we're counting on his sharp global management experience in Asia, Europe, Africa and the Americas to assess our capital requirements, and position the firm to grow our client base as we look to broaden our interests.

Similarly, Montoya had strong words of praise for the company's latest, and perhaps greatest, addition to its board of directors.

"Jack Schneider's reputation is legendary and for good reason, he's the individual that effectively founded and created the now widely celebrated Allen & Co. Sun Valley Conference, an event that some have called a summer camp for billionaires,' Montoya explained. "Each year, the list of notable people who attend reads like a 'who's who' of Hollywood and the media business in general."

"It simply stands to reason that when the names on the guest nameplates read as Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, and Warren Buffet, you have clearly earned a level of well-established trust with the world's most influential people. This will ultimately shine a bright light on the vast potential and marketplace for Orebits Corp., as Orebits plans its product proliferation phase, " says Montoya. "Mr. Schneider, through his 35 years in building high-level industry relationships, corporate visibility, and record of professional achievement in general, has managed many businesses through this rapid growth phase. In conjunction with the addition of Mr. Warren, we could not be prouder or more pleased in announcing these very strategic additions to our organization."

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