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Oregon Locals Who Are Concerned About Real Estate Market Blame Californians

In the state of Oregon, "No Californians" stickers have been popping up all over on realty signs. Residents with a grudge against Californians are to blame, meanwhile the Californians have nothing to do with the increase in realty prices for the local Oregon market.


Fairfax, VA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/14/2015 --Californians are taking offense to the countless "no Californians" stickers appearing all over realty signs across the state of Oregon. These stickers feature a red circle with the state of California in the center. Across the state is a long red line.

The theory behind the act is that there are many locals who are unhappy with the increased real estate market prices in the region and they blame Californians for these higher prices.

However, it seems that this act deemed "passive aggressive" in nature is, according to Commission Express, unlikely to keep Californians out of the real estate market in the state. While the culprit is unknown, real estate agents are understandably peeved at the notion that their signs are being toyed with.

Not only are prices higher for the market but locals resent the apparent "bidding war" that takes place when attempting to buy a house. This bidding war of course includes a war between a local and a Californian.

Considering the fact that this has become a festering resentment, it's easy to assume that the winner is usually Californians with the bigger wallets or possibly the willingness to give up the goods from the wallet to make a buy.

According to a recent KGW News investigation, the news team found that 25-30% of buyers in the region are Californians. And that these Californians come from parts of the state with higher job salaries. This has been going on for about 5 years now, according to the news team and shows no end in sight for Oregon locals. In addition to stickers, real estate agents have had signs removed as well.

While 25-30% of buyers are Californians, that leaves 70-80% of buyers not from the state of California. Portland home buyers come from parts of the entire country, including the East Coast. Considering the cold hard facts of the matter, it's no wonder that real estate agents are peeved.

The bad news for vandals removing signs is that vandalism is of course against the law. The good news is, while it's insulting to leave stickers on signs, they are removable and do not result in vandalism. While it's important for locals to voice concerns, it's not recommended to do so through the means of vandalism.

The fact is that the Oregon real estate market has been recovering since the Great Recession of2007 as have many other markets across the country. The region just began to see improvement in 2012, but this is something that takes time depending upon key variables.

In Oregon, the problem is that there isn't enough supply to meet the demand, resulting in higher priced homes. With fierce competition, it's natural for locals to feel resentment when a sale doesn't work out, resulting in an out of towner winning the buy.

For locals concerned with the Oregon real estate market, they should perhaps contact local officials with their concerns or speak with a local real estate professional to obtain official statistics.

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