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Organic Herbs Wholesale Company, Grupo Canela, Is the Top Supplier in the US

Organic herbs wholesale company, Grupo Canela, was founded in 1955 and has been serving the greater Los Angeles community for many years. What started out as a small cinnamon business turned into a place where people can find rare herbs and spices that they may not be able to find at another similar place. Grupo Canela is the place to go when looking for organic herbs wholesale and they will help you find whatever you need. Grupo Canela can be found at 8531 Loch Lomond Dr, Pico Rivera, CA 90660. Find them on the web at


Pico Rivera, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/31/2020 --The new trend in shopping is buying everything wholesale now, and buying organic herbs wholesale is no exception. Grupo Canela has been selling rare herbs and spices since they were thought up in 1955. All of these herbs and spices are found from exquisite plants that you cannot just find anywhere. Grupo Canela is also a great place to buy cinnamon sticks when looking to buy them in bulk. Everybody that works at Grupo Canela is so dedicated to serving the customer how they would want to be served when buying organic herbs wholesale.

The beginnings of Grupo Canela actually started in Sri Lanka by Garumuni Peter De Silva. He worked his way up from just a cart of spices to an actual business. He realized that if he was well respected, his business would do well. And now, his business is regarded as one of the best in selling organic herbs wholesale. His first goal was to help farmers, but he also wanted to introduce Ceylon Cinnamon to everywhere in the world. Humble beginnings helped Grupo Canela turn into one of the most respected organic herbs wholesale businesses.

Plants are known for having herbs and spices on them and they are grown for many things like smell and sight. There are so many parts of the plant that herbs and spices come from. These spices need to be dried in order to be used properly. When enough of these are acquired, it makes it easier to sell organic herbs wholesale. There are a lot of expensive spices that have to be taken from rare plants. Grupo Canela is a fantastic place to go for all herb and spice needs including organic herbs wholesale in the United States.

About Grupo Canela
Organic herbs wholesale company, Grupo Canela, is your number one go-to spot for all herbs and spice needs. What started out as spices and herbs in a cart has turned into Grupo Canela being the best supplier in the United States for organic herbs wholesale. Grupo Canela is dedicated to getting every customer the best products that they need for any of the herbs and spices needs. It is easiest to see Grupo Canela at 8531 Loch Lomond Dr, Pico Rivera, CA 90660. Go see their website at