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Organic Mattress Brands Compared By the Best Mattress

Bed blog compares top organic mattress brands, including latex and spring mattresses.


Dayton, OH -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/28/2014 --Organic products continue gaining popularity, and one area of focus remains bedding. From fire barriers to fabrics, many consumers are seeking mattresses that offer greener, cleaner dreams.

The Best Mattress, a blog on bed reviews and shopping tips, recently compared top organic mattresses in detail. Published October 27, the guide titled, “Top Organic Mattress Options Compared,” contrasts eight brands advertising organic beds and offers helpful information for shoppers.

Detailed in the guide are differences between organic and natural terms, as well as an overview of certifications and organic standards. This information is designed to assist consumers in navigating the industry and comparing manufacturer claims.

The blog compares eight organic mattress brands in detail, including Astrabeds, OMI, Naturepedic and more. An easy-to-read comparison chart offers information on mattress types and materials, certifications held, price ranges, and guarantee information.

Latex mattresses and innerspring mattresses comprise the majority of the offerings, with prices starting below $2000 at select retailers. Organic cotton, wool and latex prove the most popular materials for organic bedding manufacturers.

The Best Mattress also offers a brief comparative analysis contrasting the pros and cons of the different brands.

One highlight described in the guide is that certain manufacturers utilize higher proportions of certified organic materials, while others use only organic covers even though pricing may be similar. Warranties and return policies also offer a point of contrast, with some retailers offering generous terms and others limiting policies to exchanges.

The organic mattress comparison is available in full on The Best Mattress blog, along with several other shopping guides, articles and brand comparisons designed to simplify the bed buying process.

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