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Guide to Natural and Organic Mattress Types Released by What's the Best Bed

WhatsTheBestBed.org announces their latest guide, an introduction to eco-friendly mattress brands and materials.


Denver, CO -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/17/2014 --With more and more people seeking eco-friendly options for their families, one area seeing big growth proves natural and organic bedding. Considering the bedroom is where people spend one-third of each day or more, the desire for a healthier sleep environment makes sense.

What’s The Best Bed, a blog on mattresses and sleep, recently released a detailed guide and comparison for shoppers seeking an eco-friendly or organic mattress. Published November 14, the article is titled “Best Natural and Organic Mattress Options for Eco-Friendly Shoppers.”

In the guide, readers find information on what makes a bed eco-friendly, comparisons of leading natural mattress types, and What’s The Best Bed’s top mattress picks for each category.

Designed for those new to eco-friendly shopping as well as seasoned organic veterans, the blog breaks down differences between traditional beds and natural mattress alternatives. From using materials like organic cotton and latex to avoiding hazardous chemicals, several helpful tips aim to simplify shopping.

What’s The Best Bed then compares the three most popular eco-friendly mattress types, natural and organic latex beds, natural and organic innerspring beds, and plant-based memory foam beds. Within each category, the blog introduces the key pros and cons for readers to weigh and offers a brief guide on what to compare.

From budget to luxury, several types of eco-friendly and organic mattresses are covered, designed to appeal to all types of buyers and budgets. A few top-performing brands in each sector are also highlighted, including beds from Lifekind, Astrabeds, Naturepedic and more.

The natural and organic mattress guide is available in full on the WhatsTheBestBed.org blog, along with several other mattress buying guides and comparisons designed to make shopping less intimidating.

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