OSHA Pros Answers FAQs About Environmental Specialists


North Richland Hills, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/27/2021 --OSHA Pros, LLC is proud to provide a vast range of OSHA & EPA complaint coursework, training, and certifications including the environmental specialist certification. While every environmental specialist needs this certification to be EPA certified, there are many individuals that still have questions about the responsibilities of the job.

OSHA.NET is here to answer the most frequently asked questions about environmental specialists, which include:

What is an environmental specialist?
An environmental specialist is a qualified professional that has knowledge of natural sciences and their application. Using this knowledge, environmental specialists help reduce waste, clean polluted areas, and advise policymakers. Essentially, an environmental specialist's job boils down to protecting the environment and keeping the planet safe and healthy!

What is covered in the environmental specialist certification course?

This course is designed to cover a range of topics that are important to the profession, including:
- Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA)
- Importance of environmental laws and regulations
- Clean Air Act
- Understanding & distinguishing hazardous waste
- Spill prevention, and more!

What are the job requirements that one must fill to become an environmental specialist?

While this depends on the specific company, in general, the job requirements to become an environmental specialist including a degree (BA) in the field, plus knowledge of regulatory requirements, good communication skills, and outstanding analytical abilities.

About OSHA Pros, LLC
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