OSHA Pros Discusses Fall Protection Training & Fall Arrest Systems Training


North Richland Hills, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/27/2021 --OSHA Pros, LLC (OSHA.NET) proudly provides safety training and courses, including fall protection training, to keep construction workers and other general industry professionals safe on the job. With two distinct courses to choose from, OSHA Pros, LLC provides fall protection training for general workers and managers through their OSHA compliant courses which include Fall Protection Training & Fall Arrest Systems Training.

Falls can occur on nearly any job site, however, there are certain jobs where falls can be deadly. These jobs include electrical work, construction, and other industries where workers perform their tasks at great heights.

Luckily, there are two distinct OSHA fall protection training courses that give workers the tools and education they need to avoid falls and safely perform tasks:

Fall Protection Training

This standard fall protection course currently costs $79.00. Ideal for general works, this OSHA training covers a range of materials such as personal protective equipment, procedures, installations, and other important subjects that can save lives.

Fall Arrest Systems Training

The fall arrest systems training includes all the basic materials covered in the standard fall protection course, plus additional materials for competent person designation, such as bosses, managers, and other authorities. This course currently costs $595.00.

About OSHA Pros, LLC
OSHA.NET takes workplace safety to the next level by offering a range of courses, training, and certifications including OSHA fall protection training online. With two distinct certification courses including Fall Arrest Systems Training and general Fall Protection Training, OSHA Pros provides education so workers can stay safe, even at great heights. Understanding that fall protection training is not limited to just one industry, OSHA Pros' training uses practical examples that are applicable across several trades including painters, roofers, contractors, electricians, construction workers, and more.

Covering topics such as protective equipment, installation procedures, and recognition of workplace hazards, this fall protection training offers a comprehensive educational experience. Register for fall protection training online at www.osha.net or call 817-874-5000 today!