OSHA Pros, LLC Features Online Training Courses for NFPA 70E Certification


North Richland Hills, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/21/2021 --Working with or near electricity has its own set of dangers and job training is the key to safety. Understanding electrical safety standards is of utmost importance before starting electrical work which may cause harm. The NFPA 70E is the course that should be taken by workers who will deal with electrical concepts, and it will prepare employees for arc flash events that could occur. The NFPA 70 E training course will prepare you for certification. Reducing hazards from arc flash events is the goal of this course. During the course, basic electrical concepts are reviewed and causes of potential arc flashes are discussed. There will be a focus on electrical industry standards and hazard control measures, to understand when working on or near electrical equipment could cause arc flashes. It also covers the regulations for electrical and fire, to prevent dangerous arc flashes.

To keep employees protected, safe work practices are taught to all workers. Employee education is a must to keep everyone safe. When an arc flash occurs, it is imperative to know what the potential dangers could be, as well as additional electrical risks. This training will teach workers the potential dangers of arc flashes and how to prevent serious injury or even death. Being able to work on energized equipment means each worker needs to understand the importance of all the safety regulations and qualifications. Knowing that danger could happen at any moment and understanding what to do, is the best prevention

The best way to understand arc flash occurrences is to understand the basic vocabulary and concepts of the event. By learning arc flash safety, instances of an arc flash will be reduced, creating a safer work environment. The NFPA 70E Certification tests on items from the beginning, teaching vocabulary and concepts, so workers can discuss issues and understand each other. The properties of electricity and electricity measurements are also a part of this educational training to make one prepared for the NFPA 70E Certification. In addition to the above, this course will touch on electrical industry statistics, to ensure that each worker understands that they may face danger, if not trained properly. For more information on NFPA 70E Certification, reach out to OSHA.net at 866-265-5813 or visit www.osha.net.

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