OSHA.NET Offers MSHA Certification Courses


North Richland Hills, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/18/2021 --OSHA.NET shares visions and goals with the Mining Safety and Health Administration (MSHA). We provide critical training and awareness courses for workers and contractors in the mining industry, and our focus is equipping miners to mitigate their occupational safety and health hazards.

The United States Parliament created MSHA into the Labor Department in 1978. It offers industrial training to employees and workers facing workplace hazards like:

- Handling heavy toxic materials
- Slips, trips, and falls
- Heavy machinery

Most specifically, MSHA stipulates requirements for miners to earn mandatory MSHA certifications. One of the most common training requirements is the one under Title 30 CFR- Part 46 regulations. It dictates how many hours miners need to spend on training every year.

Training under OSHA.NET courses allow miners to meet and honor Title 30 CFR- Part 46 regulations.

Training staff includes MSHA Approved Instructors, and all OSHA.NET trainers take annual refresher courses, allowing the company to meet the highest standards of the MSHA Part 48 Instructor Training Course.

Some of the health and safety concerns that the MSHA Part 46 Surface Miners Training Course addresses include:

1. Heat and thermal stress
2. Industrial deafness
3. Workplace design and risk controls
4. Whole-body vibration
5. Airborne particulate hazards
6. Chemical corrosions and poisoning
7. Musculoskeletal disorders
8. UV exposure
9. Noise control

MSHA certifications require new miners to train for a minimum of 24 hours within their first 90 days on the job. Recruits must complete four of the 24 hours before commencing their employment duties.

MSHA imposes mandatory training for you if you work or contract in the following mining operations.

- Blasting
- Crushing
- Drilling
- Extraction
- Equipment maintenance
- Screening of mineral mines

For the avoidance of doubt, you also need MSHA certification if you're one of the following mining staff:

- Equipment operators
- General site workers
- General laborers
- Hazardous materials specialists
- Poisonous material technicians
- Toxic materials supervisors

OSHA.NET provides online and physical resources to help you earn MSHA certifications, with a focus on educating all industry stakeholders in mining best practices that boost safety.

OSHA.NET helps owners, executives, managers, laborers, and contractors of mining operations to stay safe and healthy, and keeps a keen on compliance.

Meeting safety standards keeps the American labor force healthy and motivated and will reduce the hazards that cause health complications.

For more details, visit www.osha.net