Our Schools & Medical Centers Are Under Attack!

Howard University recently Hit with Ransomware Attack – Who’s next?


Eastvale, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/13/2021 --The US Education sector had a 15% increase in cyberattacks in July, compared to the first half of 2021, with an average of 853 attacks a week, according to Check Point Research. Schools & hospitals are literally under attack from Ransomware and cyber-attacks.

The attack on US-based software provider Kaseya by Russia-linked ransomware group REvil in July 2021 is estimated to have affected up to 2,000 global organizations.

Some recent attacks on schools & medical centers:
CarePointe - 50K patients exposed, University Medical Center Nevada – REvil

Morgan County Schools, TN & Leonardtown, MD– REvil again in Kaseya attack, Virginia Tech – also hit with a Ransomware attack

DuPage Medical Group data breach - affecting 600,000 patients in 100 locations. It is time to make this stop.

Schools and hospitals do not have the expertise or manpower to protect their systems from these attacks. They need the quickest & easiest means to have a basic solution that can be implemented immediately.

FilingBox creates a read-only network file server. This secure storage protects the data, even if the PC and server are already exposed to ransomware. An attacker cannot edit, copy, or delete the files stored on the Filing Box. Only the authorized user can manipulate the files.

To protect your data securely, FilingBox stores your data on separate network storage, not on a local disk in your PC or server. It provides a network drive to PCs and servers like a conventional file server. However, it has the create-read-only security mode which can protect data from ransomware running on your PC and server.

Once the create-read-only mode is enabled, FilingBox works like a CD-ROM writer. It does not allow any modifying or deleting data on that network drive, the application can only create and read data. So, even though ransomware is running on PCs and servers, attackers cannot encrypt the data on that network drive. This is because FilingBox only allows applications to create and read the file except when modifying (or encrypting) files.

Users and admins can modify and delete files on that network drive, but malware and any other applications cannot modify or delete files. The company is offering a 6 month free license to medical, educational and government organizations as a gesture to prove the viability of the technology.

If you are interested in seeing a demo and/or want license details, please contact me.
Here is a demo: