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Outdoor cabinets nowadays come with various features that make outdoor kitchens more functional. There is Trimline Design Center to help homeowners with making a choice.


Pinecrest, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/27/2019 --Pinecrest FL -- (ReleaseWire) – (11/27/2019) Trimline Design Center is a leading expert of outdoor cabinets for the South Florida area. The conditions of South Florida necessitate a local expert that can design and procure the products necessary for quality installation and long-lasting function.

Outdoor kitchens have exploded in popularity now that homeowners realize they can have all the features they want – electronics, grilling, sinks, refrigeration and more. This all adds to another living area without the cost of an addition. Florida is an ideal place to add an outdoor kitchen if comfort can be part of the design, mainly temperature control through fans or heating elements.

Just like any new remodeling project, the right company and materials plays a part in the function and quality of a new design. Outdoor kitchens require special consideration in terms of placement and materials. For example, grills give off large amounts of heat. Therefore, the design needs to keep in mind that the grill will need to be away from any type of seating or other high-use areas for comfort and traffic flow. Also, outdoor kitchens tend to go in a space they weren't necessarily designed for. Where a home is always designed to have a kitchen, an outdoor kitchen is being started in an area with a blank slate. Outdoor cabinets may have to be custom designed to fit the space and flow seamlessly throughout the planned design.

Another point to keep in mind is the type of material for outdoor cabinets. Indoor kitchen cabinets have a bit more freedom when it comes to material design. However, outdoor cabinets need to withstand temperature and other environmental extremes. When looking at wood, customers should think about marine-grade such as teak, cypress or bamboo. Other options include stainless steel or polymer. Outdoor cabinets made from these material options have their pros and cons which must be weighed carefully.

As outdoor kitchens are a growing industry, so are the companies that are creating them. Customers in Coral Gables, Kendall, Key Largo, Miami, Palmetto Bay and Pinecrest are advised to work with a licensed and experienced contractor that knows the specifics of outdoor cabinets and outdoor kitchen design.

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