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Outdoor Contracting Season Raises Tailgate Security Concerns

DynoLock tailgate and vehicular security systems help ensure that tools of thetrade are protected from theft and vandalism


Canyon Lake, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/16/2014 --DynoLock Products wants to remind pickup owners, contractors and mobile construction crews that tailgate theft is an avoidable nuisance when working onsite during the warm weather months when outdoor jobs are more prevalent. Working onsite often means traveling to new places where security and surveillance aren’t guaranteed. During the summer months many construction and contracting jobs are done outdoors while the long days permit tasks that can’t be done in the winter months. This means that contractors and crews who travel with their tools in tow expose themselves to tailgate and truck bed theft when those expensive, critical tools and implements are left outdoors for long shifts, or even overnight. Many workers will secure their tools in a bed-mounted safe or tool box, but opportunistic thieves will remove these boxes altogether or cause severe damage to the truck body in the process of trying to extract the valuables.

Fortunately for the hard-working contractors and construction teams who carry their livelihood with them, DynoLock provides high-quality tailgate security products at a time when the busy season is ramping up and those tools are needed the most. Dynolock’s ultimate goal is the protection and security of each customer’s precious cargo. With a focus on specialized automatic electric locks, the Texas locksmith offers exclusive tailgate locking solutions as they have since 1997. DynoLock creates locking solutions for customers around the world for whom cargo, tool and asset protection is a number-one concern.

Featured products include the Bully Tailgate Lock, an integrated analog turn-key locking system that enhances the physical impregnability of the tailgate, to the more advanced High Security Electric Tailgate Locks with digital components and remote locking functions. DynoLock provides a wide range of locking and security systems that are perfectly matched to the specific type of truck tailgate each customer needs. Their entire selection of electronic tailgate locks are 100% assembled in America. DynoLock also offers electric locks for some toolboxes and carry-all systems. To learn more about how DynoLock tailgate security solutions can help protect the tools of the trade when business is booming, visit them online at www.dynolockproducts.com.