Outsmarting Breast Cancer Campaign Launched on Indiegogo


Decatur, IL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/06/2016 --Engineer Don Perry has created something that will change the way millions of women perform their monthly preventative examinations. Called, "a magnifying glass for your fingertips," the iCancerFree Self-Exam Aid has the potential to detect lumps or changes in breast tissue as tiny as a split pea, or a single grain of rice.

"It just gives it so much more definition," a tester said.

FDA approved, the iCancerFree Self-Exam Aid will make once difficult and time-consuming breast examinations faster, more efficient, and more effective. It's no small wonder then, that out of 3,126 medical professionals surveyed, 99% said they would immediately recommend it to their patients.

As Connie S., a grandmother, noted: "It's going to pick up something that otherwise I may not pick up."

The iCancerFree Self-Exam Aid is flexible and soft, like silicone. With a unique, patented design consisting of two polyurethane layers, the pad contains a liquid lubricant. When applied to the chest area for a breast examination, fingers can glide over smoothly, without tugging, pulling, or catching on the skin. This allows the sense of touch to be magnified, enabling easy detection of changes in breast tissue.

According to the American Cancer Society, one in eight women will develop breast cancer at some point during their lives. But for nearly three-quarters of patients who are diagnosed with breast cancer, there is no family history or genetic predisposition, whatsoever.

"Early detection saves lives. I am here because of early detection," said Dr. Charlene H., oncologist and breast cancer survivor.

But despite the heavy emphasis physicians have placed upon the execution of regular self-examinations, today's women are busy and performing the examinations can be a chore - especially as women get older and the examinations become more difficult.

Yet, there is hope. A medical director stated that with the iCanceFree Self-Exam Aid, women were 22% more likely to perform their monthly breast self-exams, making it an invaluable tool for every woman.

29-year-old office manager, Machell P., said: "If you detect it [breast cancer] early, the chances for survival are so much greater."

But a lack of awareness is preventing it from reaching, and potentially saving, the lives of hundreds of thousands of women. Which is why iCancerFree has turned to Indiegogo's crowdfunding platform, "Generosity," to educate others and spread the word.

People can visit the Indiegogo website to learn more about the innovative iCancerFree Self-Exam Aid.