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Overall Winter Might Be Mild, but Sudden Cold Snap Makes Preparations Important for Home Owners

Meteorologists say it should be a mild winter overall, but the East Coast can expect colder-than-normal temps early in the season. In early December, frigid weather swept most of the nation, and Quality Garage Doors wants to make sure homeowners are ready for the season.


Culpeper, VA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/14/2016 --A working garage door is critical to keeping utility costs down during the coldest weather, because a lot of heat can be lost through an open garage depending on how the home is constructed. Even with a stand-alone or well-insulated garage, a faulty garage door can be difficult to open or close or can let snowdrifts and damaging winds into the space.

Homeowners can begin garage door maintenance routines by inspecting all elements of the door. Autumn debris can accumulate in the tracks, leading to jams. Debris such as leaves might not stop the door during warm weather, but they can cause moisture build up that freezes and expands as temperatures drop, causing cracks or bends on the track.

Weather stripping should also be inspected to ensure a tight seal when the door is closed. Any cracks or gaps that allow light through will let cold air, snow, ice or water seep in.

Homeowners often notice issues with garage doors during the first cold snap of the season. Since most early-season polar fronts are short lived, they still have time to address those issues before the rest of the season sets in. Gaps, bends and issues with automatic or electrical functionality should be addressed by professionals to ensure a well-working garage door throughout the winter.

Garage door maintenance from Quality Garage Door is also a good idea. This usually involves a professional checking all elements of the door, tightening or replacing connectors and bolts, ensuring all the components are safe and lubricating drive mechanisms and rollers.

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