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Pace Staffing Offers Temps in Olympia and Seattle to Give Competitive Advantage

Unlike traditional hiring method, temp staffing with Pace Staffing significantly saves time and resource of the employers.


Bellevue, WA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/30/2017 --Pace Staffing celebrates 40 years of service in the staffing industry with awesome talent. Over the years, they have been successfully connecting best employers with quality talent. With seasoned expertise, combined with a personalized approach to recruiting and staffing, the company successfully bridged the gap between employers and employees.

Having experience in the various fields, they have successfully developed a partnership with the companies to provide employers with the access to the best and brightest talent in the marketplace.

They use their wide industry expertise to find the right job for the right candidate. While recruiters in Seattle and Everett WA would largely benefit from such method providing them right resource leading to a more productive working team, employees too would be satisfied with the placements. Unlike the traditional method of hiring, the entire hiring process will be operated by Pace Staffing. Right from arranging interviews to a background check, the entire process will be handled by the staffing experts.

They also provide clients with their temp to hire option. The biggest advantage of temp hiring is that the temporary employees won't be on the company's payroll. The agency itself is employing people for their clients to be deployed to their projects. However, if the company wishes, they can have the person in action transferred onto their payroll.

Their direct hire service allows the clients to put the employee of their choice directly on their payroll. Thus payrolling allows companies to find the person and they handle all payroll administration, benefits administration, taxes and quarterly reporting, worker's compensation coverage and claims management, and any other employer mandated payroll costs.

Their contract staffing services provide continual availability of qualified and efficient resources to the clients required to fill short-term contractual needs.

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