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Pacific Exterior Founder Publishes Bacterial Structure Striping Discovery with BUILDINGS Magazine

Local contractor discovers patterned bacterial growth phenomenon. Leading national building and construction magazine publishes findings.


Santa Cruz, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/18/2018 --Eric Schnaible, founder and owner of Pacific Exterior, has published an informative article with BUILDINGS Magazine on the topic of Bacterial Structure Striping.

Bacterial Structure Striping was discovered and classified by Schnaible after recognizing the definitive striping pattern on the exteriors of commercial buildings. Through diagnosis, he identified Gloeocapsa magma (GM) as the cause of the dark pattern on building exteriors. The bacteria require moisture to grow, making this phenomenon prevalent in humid, marine-adjacent climates.

The dark bacterial growth is common throughout coastal Northern California. The pattern effect takes place when a building's heat is transferred from the interior space through structural components to the exterior façade. The clear result is 'Structure Striping', which is prevalent and visible throughout the Monterey Bay and Bay Areas.

Documenting numerous cases of Bacterial Structure Striping, Schnaible determined that while relatively harmless to the façade of a building, the striping pattern causes unflattering staining. To alleviate and prevent striping from occurring, his article in BUILDINGS Magazine cites using a non-pressure, detergent-based cleaning process.

"Safe Washing removes traditional high pressure from the cleaning process, which can cause damage to many modern building finishes. Instead, the Safe Washing approach utilizes environmentally safe chemicals that target organics, such as bacteria and algae growth, which are the principal cause of dirty building exteriors," said Schnaible. "Safe Washing eradicates biological growth so structure striping can't occur. The results are incredible and last far longer than pressure washing."

The BUILDINGS Magazine article goes on to break down the specific process by which Bacterial Structure Striping occurs and how building owners can recognize it in its early stages. He also extols the virtues of safe washing for not only buildings prone to bacterial striping, but also those with specific care needs.

Schnaible's exterior restoration company, Pacific Exterior, recently utilized a safe washing approach in restoring the roof of Oracle Arena during the 2018 NBA Finals.

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