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Packetviper Goes North

Canada is one of the most connected nations in the world, so Packet Viper LLC  made the strategic decision to establish a presence in Canada


Pittsburgh, PA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/30/2014 --“Canada is an important market in our plan - we already lead the charge in the United States and other countries that face similar hostile forces. We can help conquer them in the North too," says CEO and Co-Founder Frank Trama. Packet Viper has worked with global partners to provide the solutions to cyber-security problems faced by business. Chief Technology Officer Ian Trump, CD spoke at length earlier this year at a Packet Viper sponsored cyber security event.

“The bottom line is the bad guys, operating from countries with negligible rule of law are going to probe, attack and exploit networks if they are exposed to the global Internet. Packet Viper’s products provide a solution which protects business from the attacks. Do you really want everyone on the planet connecting to your Outlook Web Access?", Ian asks.

The answer is a profound “No” and this is echoed by the members from the various law enforcement agencies in attendance. “I love Pittsburgh and Pennsylvania, you guys indicted the maker of crypto-locker and embers of the Chinese Army, that’s awesome”, said Ian Trump in his presentation. Ian was referring to the indictment of (insert quick google for the indictment of the maker of Zeus Game over and Crypto Locker and the indictment of the members of the PLA which conducted espionage against businesses in Pennsylvania). “You guys rock.”

So, what is PacketViper doing in Canada? “We're sending some of our gear, racks of servers and "honey-pots" for our global threat intelligence program”, says Kelsey Lucas, Packet Vipers representative responsible for Canada. “We believe that Cyber Defense and actionable intelligence for our neighbors to the North is crucial, they are our largest trading partner”. Ian adds, “Packet Vipers' commitment to global cyber security is remarkable, we intend to do everything we can to support this product as it really makes a huge impact to an organization's security posture – our customers are more secure because of this product.“

The threat is real. This is the most effective solution available – simple to use and simple to implement.

About PacketViper, LLC (Network Security Solutions)
Based in West Mifflin, PA and founded in January of 2012, PacketViper LLC, has quickly become a major player in the global Geo-IP network filtering arena. PacketViper is a flagship product that can reduce global network threats, attacks, probes, spam, save bandwidth, and resource loads on security systems. PacketViper’s innovative advances in Geo-IP Filtering enable new and unparalleled levels of precision that allow businesses to avoid dangerous areas without excluding potentially valuable customers or business. A versatile web interface makes ongoing management and reporting easily available.

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