PadBot T1: A Tiny Robotic Avatar

The freedom to travel while meeting all your personal and professional obligations.


Houston, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/17/2016 --In a world full of large, bulky telepresence robots, the PadBot T1 is a small, portable, affordable and independent telepresence device that provides users with the flexibility to be in two places at once. Thought it's simple to use and comes ready to go right out of the box, anyone who wants to go a step further, the PadBot T1 comes with SDKs for third party developments. It also features an anti-falling and anti-crashing systems, and a big battery in compact size that lasts for 12 hours of regular usage or 100 hours of standby.

While telepresence technologies have largely been confined to business environments or fixed to computer desktops, the PadBot T1 combines video chat capabilities with crawler motion in a compact, portable robot that can maneuver freely in any environment, from business meetings to family celebrations. A little bigger than a 6-inch cell phone, the PadBot T1 and the PadBot application are compatible with iOS and Android devices. Its sleek design and agile turning capabilities create a device that is independent and moves seamlessly via the installed app so that users can control what they see and where they see it.

"While telepresence robots have been a growing industry in business and education, we wanted to extend the capabilities of telepresence to improve interoffice communications as well as enhance users' personal lives: from connecting with kids or your family through video chat or video conference, baby monitoring during the nap time, checking on pets from the office, home security monitor when you are away, group discussions...the applications are endless. Also, the PadBot T1 links to Wi-fi and 4G connections and allows users to control the device remotely and mimic physical movement, in addition to being a phone charger," elaborates Mike Yue, VP of PadBot and Founder of Juppi Technology LLC.

About PadBot
PadBot team is specialized in the design, development, and production of high quality telepresence robots. With experienced professionals in software development, hardware designing and mechanical engineering, the PadBot team has produced a collection of telepresence robots including the PadBot U1 and the PadBot P1. After more than 300 days of design and development, their most recent product, the PadBot T1, is ready for production.

PadBot T1 is available for preorder on Kickstarter until September 7th, 2016. Several exclusive packages with worldwide shipping are also available for a limited a time only.

For additional information about PadBot T1 please visit our website.

Features include:

-Remote control
-Video chat
-Anti-falling system & Anti-crashing system
-Lightweight metal frame
-Phone charger
-Exchangeable phone connectors
-Crawler motion
-Charging base