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Paladin Oil to Exhibit at 2016 Racing Expo in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Champion Brands, a globally recognized industry leader in specialty lubricants for over 60 years, announced this week that it would exhibiting Paladin Racing Oils this coming July at the 2016 Racing and Tuning EXPO in Buenos Aires, Argentina


Clinton, MO -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/09/2016 --The invitation to exhibit at the mega-event came from a staff suggestion at the 2015 PRI Show as a way to gain insight into the Argentina growing enthusiast racing and performance markets. Through networking opportunities with retailers and wholesalers in and around Buenos Aires, Champion will learn what products sell, what products are in demand, and for which specific applications.

"There is this strong aftermarket business for performance products," stated Karl Dedolph, Director of Champion Racing & Performance Products. "100's of buyer's from Argentina attend SEMA and PRI in the states every year. Over ten racing product companies from Argentina exhibited at the PRI show last year. It's a hot market."

Motor racing in Argentina has a long history that stretches back to the opening decades of the 20th century, when wealthy enthusiasts took to the country's open roads and raced each other in cars often imported from Europe but fitted with American V8 motors. By 1940, these races had grown longer and more organized. One such race travelled almost 6000 miles from its starting point in Buenos Aires, north across the Andes and finished in Lima, Peru.

It was in these races that Argentina's most famous racer learned his craft - Juan Manuel Fangio, 5 time F1 World Champion. Jose Froilan Gonzalez and Carlos Reutemann were two other great F1 drivers from Argentina. Buenos Aires has hosted over 20 Formula One Grand Prix events. Plus other championship series like WRC, Touring Cup, Formula 3. Formal 2, Formula E, WTTC, Formula Renault, Top Race V6, TC 2000, MotoGP, etc.

Paladin Racing Oils are built specifically to meet the lubrication demands of hot rod, street rod, classic and muscle car engines, especially those using flat tappet and roller cams operating at high RPMs and requiring high-pressure valve springs. To meet these demands, Champion utilizes its premium ZDDP anti-wear protection package, which contains a unique balance of chemistry that includes high levels of zinc and phosphorus.

All Paladin Racing Motor Oils contain an exclusive TVSĀ® (Thermal Viscosity Stabilizer) technology. This proprietary technology delivers unmatched film strength at high temperature, better piston ring seal for maximum compression, and increases horsepower and torque in most engines.

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