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Palm City, FL Chiropractor Employs Science Based Nutrition to Analyze & Strategize Patient Wellbeing

Dr. Thomas D. Kleinman couples Chiropractics expertise with in-depth investigative testing and analysis for intermittent and chronic health problems


Palm City, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/28/2015 --Health issues, be they intermittent or chronic, can prevent people of all ages from being able to work, partake in hobbies, active lifestyles, and generally living a fulfilling life. General practitioners are often sought out to provide medications and treatment plans, though their diagnostics can sometimes fall short of providing the information necessary to break the cycle of a chronic condition or aid in diminished medication usage. The Science Based Nutrition™ program is an in-depth analysis of your system through various testing methods, helping to determine possible natural and nutrition-based solutions to alleviate health issues.

A consultation with a Science Based Nutrition™ trained health professional such as Dr. Thomas D. Kleinman of Atlas Chiropractic in Palm City, Florida will begin the conversation of whether the system is right for you. Assessing how extreme your health issues are helps determine what series of diagnostic tests to perform, such as food allergy testing and analysis of blood, urine, and/or hair. Once the results are back, Dr. Kleinman is able to see where your systems are inefficient and which systems are functioning at an optimum level.

The Science Based Nutrition™ program is not a means of curing diseases but a way of identifying deficiencies in your systems and applying methods to help prevent any condition from worsening. If a system is weak, then a potential illness could progress into a serious problem should corrective measures not be underway. Poor diet, hidden food allergies and exposure to harmful chemicals can cause a build-up over time that negatively affects the functionality of organs and the immune system. Eventually, you can experience low energy levels and this dampened functionality may restrict you from feeling 100%. Treatment of those systems with poor testing results involves an in-depth approach to diet, exercise, lifestyle changes, nutrition, and supplements so all systems can function at optimal levels. Typically, an improvement in energy levels is noticed when all systems are at their proper level regardless of age. Whether you feel lethargic or are often sick, The Science Based Nutrition™ program offers a way for Dr. Kleinman to help patients feel better without the use of expensive, side-effect laden medication.

About Dr. Kleinman
Dr. Thomas D. Kleinman provides Florida residents with safe and effective health services that are drug-free and gentle enough for all family members to enjoy. Dr. Kleinman and the team at Atlas Chiropractic of Palm City, FL ensure patients get excellent care from the moment they walk through the door.

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