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PaperChefs New Website Allows Consumers to Buy Their Quality Parchment Culinary Products Direct

New products available include Baking Cup Collection, Magic Box, and Family Bundle


New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/15/2016 --Top chefs around the world have campaigned to make people aware of how important healthy cooking is. Chefs including Gordon Ramsey and Jamie Oliver want people to avoid fast food outlets and enjoy the art of cooking at home. They also want people who enjoy good food to cook it in a healthy manner using great healthy ingredients and healthy cooking techniques such as Parchment products. One company who backs healthy cooking is PaperChefs.

PaperChef who provide useful preparation tools would like to see more people follow the advice of popular chefs and cook healthy foods to avoid putting on excess weight that can cause serious health problems. The PaperChef's cooking parchment products help professional and amateur cooks avoid unhealthy cooking methods and allow them to produce tastier and healthier culinary delights.

Their products, which are used all over the world and sold in leading outlets are now available on their dedicated website

The products available include PaperChef Parchment Cooking Bags, which provide a much healthier option than frying, baking or other methods. By using the cooking bag, it avoids unhealthy flavor additives being added and removing excess fat and oils. The Parachment cooking bag which also simplifies the cooking process keeps all the flavors, providing a much better and tastier meal. The PaperChef Parchment Cooking Bags have become so popular they are being used in eating establishments and homes around the USA and around the world.

A spokesman for PaperChef Said: "We're dedicated to helping you make healthy, sustainable choices when it comes to the food you serve. Our philosophy is rooted in an intelligent respect for humanity, resources and the earth as a whole."

Other products available on the site include Baking Cup Collection, Magic Box, and Family Bundle. Although the PaperChef products are available at popular outlets, consumers can now order direct from PaperChef without leaving their home and be kept up to date with all their latest news and products.

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About PaperChef
PaperChef was founded by Scott Miller and Bill Benson in 2010. The company aim is to help people to enjoy healthy cooking and to make it easier to cooking amazing food.

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