Pay Your Rent

Paperless Payment Is More Trustworthy Than the Other Modes


Beverly Hills, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/18/2014 --Missing the deadline for rent is one, but running helter-skelter to make the payment to avoid late fees is entirely a different thing. When there are ways in which payments can be sorted, it is obviously not necessary to spend much time on this process. Rents paid online via a reliable site reaches the concerned individual on time and before that, gets the person notified of the impending money to the account. The citizens of the US have long since given up the practice of writing cheques and mailing them to the landlords or banks. The delay in cheques reaching the appropriate individual or bank would only constitute negligence on the sender’s part. Similarly, cash demanded by the landlord cannot be mailed. Instead the tenant has to travel spending time that is really scarce.

As an alternative, wire transfers and money orders won’t work sometimes if there is a glitch on the system. The best way then, is the rent to be paid online that saves a lot of time for everyone. “PayYourRent” gives you all convenience to easily make rent payments through their site all day every day. The procedures are very simple that even a school dropout can easily learn. All the details related to the payer are fed on the site as prescribed for the payment to get kick-started. Once the payment is made successfully, a receipt acknowledging payment will be generated automatically and sent to the email address of the sender. Similarly, the lessor gets the information about the amount and the exact time when the payment has been initiated. “PayYourRent” enables people to do more than one transaction at a time if required, especially when the units rented are many in number.

Apart from that the site helps landlords with assessing the value for properties, sourcing out good tenants, checking out the lease agreement etc. The option of alternating between several accounts such as savings and current to pay rent eases the burden off the payer’s shoulder. Credit cards, debit cards and visa cards can also be used to deposit rent in a successful manner while the payer has a shortage for cash. At times when the lessee has to check any detail pertaining to the past payments, reports can easily be generated with the help of The site provides more insight into other services it provides at reasonable costs.