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Par Golf Supply Proudly Offers Promotional Golf Tee Sets


Schaumburg, IL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/01/2024 --Par Golf Supply is the premier choice for promotional logo golf tee sets in the nation. They have the capabilities and expertise to fulfill orders seamlessly, ensuring top-quality products and exceptional service from start to finish. But are their promotional golf tees a worthwhile investment?

Absolutely, and here is why:

What Are Promotional Golf Tee Sets?

Promotional logo golf tee sets are customized sets of golf tees designed for businesses to imprint their logos or branding. Par Golf Supply offers an extensive range of custom and wholesale golf tees, allowing businesses to order in bulk or personalize individual tees with their logos, ensuring a branded representation on every tee.

Why Choose Logo Golf Tees?

The appeal of logo golf tee sets lies in their customization options. Par Golf Supply provides a diverse selection of materials, colors, and print choices, catering to different brand aesthetics. Whether businesses prefer wood tees, eco-friendly options like tree saver tees, performance tees, or plastic wedge advertising tees, there are options to match their branding requirements.

Sizes & Customizations

These tee sets are available in standard sizes of 2 3/4" and 3 1/4", offering versatility for various golfing preferences. Businesses can choose between imprinted or non-imprinted tees based on their promotional strategies. Additionally, Par Golf Supply offers a palette of 32 vibrant colors and color mixes for both blank and personalized wood tees, ensuring a visually appealing and brand-aligned selection.

Professionalism & Efficiency

What sets Par Golf Supply's promotional logo golf tee sets apart is their efficient production and delivery. With a printed turnaround time of just 5 working days, businesses can swiftly obtain personalized tees for events or marketing endeavors. Even non-printed tees are promptly shipped, emphasizing a commitment to timely delivery and customer satisfaction.

About Par Golf Supply
Par Golf Supply is the top choice for logo golf tees, including tree saver tees, wedge tees, wooden tees, and much more. Offering orders from 100 to over 20,000, Par Golf Supply has the manpower and tools needed to handle orders of any size with efficiency and precision. Visit to place an order on logo golf tee sets today!