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Paragon Road Launches Legacy Planning Magazine


Carlsbad, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/02/2016 --Legacy planning company, Paragon Road launches a new monthly online magazine entitled "Legacy Arts." The magazine focuses on the topic of how to create a meaningful legacy and pass on non-financial assets, such as wisdom, beliefs, values and so on.

"The aim of 'Legacy Arts' is to provide information about best practices in legacy planning," says Laura Roser, the leading expert in meaning legacy planning and CEO and Founder of Paragon Road.

Paragon Road is a boutique consulting firm that focuses on:

- Creating a legacy of lasting impact.
- Structuring financial and time resources in a way that is meaningful.
- Archiving and documenting family heritage and personal historical milestones.
- Passing on assets of merit, including values and beliefs, traditions, wisdom, talents and skills, and financial intelligence.

"A legacy of meaning is part art and part science," Roser says. "An effective legacy connects with the emotions and conveys your purpose in a way your loved ones and the community cherishes."

About Legacy Arts Magazine
"Legacy Arts Magazine" is an extension of Roser's vision. Each edition will feature interviews with people who are making a difference and doing something great, as well as guidance about creating an excellent character, finding meaning, constructing a family vision, designing creative content, effectively telling your story and other legacy structuring advice.

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