Paranormal-Themed Interactive Content Platform the Dark Zone Is Disrupting the Disruptor


Playa del Rey, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/20/2018 --After years of successful shows like, "Ghost Hunters," "Ghost Hunters International," "Mountain Monsters," and "Ripley's Believe It or Not", the world's first paranormal-themed interactive content platform The Dark Zone is set to both enhance and completely revolutionize the way lovers of the supernatural and occult content will be able to consume and actually experience paranormal investigative phenomena. Using convergences in virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR), interactive live events and in-person investigations, this innovative new digital platform is looking to disrupt the disruptor that is streaming services by putting the viewer inside paranormal phenomena through technology and forms of content built on immersive experiences.

And, as if that weren't innovative enough, the platform is harnessing all types of emerging technologies since The Dark Zone Network will be powered by the blockchain, using its own token called "The Dark Coin." The current offering for backers, through its Start Engine crowdfunding campaign, rewards new investors with perks that are commensurate with the level of investment.

For $1.00 USD per share purchase of non-voting common stock, backers stand to gain "perks" such as a free subscription to The Dark Zone Network plus a 1-year all-access pass to premium content, for $250 USD, a ghost-hunting kit containing a laser grid, an EMF meter, and a laser thermometer, at the $1,000 USD investment level, or even the chance to participate in a 1-hour ghost hunt on the Queen Mary in Long Beach, CA with one of the network's expert paranormal investigators, for a $10,000 investment.

Backers should note, however, that all perks will be rewarded once the offering has been completed and that there is a $250 minimum investment required. While there are currently three backers investing in the offering, the campaign, which still has 86 days to go, offers investors a prime opportunity to get in on the first round of the investment and the current raised a total of $2,500 USD certainly seems to instill confidence in the momentum of the opportunity and speaks to just how attractive investors find this idea.

The Dark Zonenetwork will be giving members access to all short-form content as a "freemium", with the next phase of development focused on offering premium long-form and VR/AR content. Once the platform evolves, subscribers can use "Dark Coin", its signature cryptocurrency, to participate in and pay for platform access. Subscription-tied cryptocurrency is a strategic way for the platform creators to incentivize audiences through such interactions as earning tokens by watching content, ads, and engage with the community.

This also reframes the behavior of users, turning The Dark Zone into a creative content platform like YouTube, where users who wish to create and distribute paranormal-themed content can themselves engage other audiences, be rewarded in Dark Coin and carve out a new revenue path for emerging creators in the genre.

The genius of The Dark Zone platform is that it is simultaneously niche while being all-encompassing. On the one hand, it focuses entirely on the paranormal niche, including long and short form content on supernatural events, shows, interactive paranormal investigations, and paranormal tourism. On the other hand, it brings in a range of interactive technology, focusing on both providing content for consumption and experience as well as building an actual network and community where lovers of the genre can potentially interact with the shows as well as each other. The best part is that The Dark Zone is not starting from scratch — neither with its content, its audiences nor its showrunners.

In fact, the names and faces behind the show and featured on the platform are some of the industry and niche's most seasoned TV executives responsible for long-running content like "Ghost Hunters". Familiar faces and names include Karl Pfeiffer, the paranormal investigator who won the first season of SyFy's "Ghost Hunter's Academy" and appeared on "Ghost Hunters International", Susan Slaughter, an occult expert also featured on "Ghost Hunters International", as well as paranormal radio host, Dave Schrader and Patrick Doyle and Kristen Lumen of SyFy's hit series "Ghost Mine."

These are the luminaries, with massive, worldwide followings, who are already operational on the network, creating content on six short-form programs running so far. The launch of this campaign focuses on allowing the network to unveil new short form content and spur marketing efforts to drive audience participation and adoption. In 18 months, the platform is intending to launch its first AR and VR experiences as, "the future of the paranormal genre is in technology...expanding the paranormal beyond its traditional boundaries."