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Paraplegic and Wizardess Save the World in MAGIC FORGOTTEN


Los Angeles, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/05/2017 --In Jack Hillman's MAGIC FORGOTTEN, a paraplegic freelance writer named Dan Braden has withdrawn from society only to be dragged back out by the appearance of two strangers in his backyard. They are a Sidhe, one of the old elves of England, and a human wizardess named Thook, a slave of the Sidhe. They are here to take over all humanity. To the Sidhe's surprise, he will soon find himself alone in his efforts as Thook and Dan join forces to save the world.

The author Jack Hillman was inspired to write the story based on his own experiences as a Polio survivor, weapons expert, and black belt in Okanowan Kenpo.

"In most genres, there is a lack of representation of alternative warriors. Badasses come in all shapes and sizes. What attracted Running Wild Press to this story was the protagonist, Dan Braden kicks butt and takes names using his knowledge, wit, wisdom, and skills," says Lisa Diane Kastner, Executive Editor and Co-Founder at Running Wild Press. "Dan doesn't need to be in the gym for eight hours a day to do it."

"Thook, the human wizardess, is a strong, compassionate, and powerful protagonist as well. She's a survivor who sets a high bar for endurance and integrity," says Jade Blackwater, Executive Editor and Co-Founder of Running Wild Press.

The ebook is currently available for pre-order on Amazon and will be available wherever ebooks are sold. Official ebook publication is set for September 15, 2017. Paperback will be released on October 1, 2017 and available wherever paperbacks are sold.

About Jack Hillman
A lifelong Pennsylvania resident, Jack began a love of books sitting amid the mystery of hospitals and medical paraphernalia. Mythology of all cultures and a fascination with martial philosophies led to King Arthur, the Knights of the Round Table, and an array of science fiction and fantasy authors that had a strong impact on his life.

Jack has fifteen years' experience as a journalist and freelance writer, and has won a Keystone Press Award (1998) for his journalistic efforts.

In addition to newspaper reporting and magazine articles, Jack has written articles for a variety websites--some under his own name and some as a behind-the-scenes contributor. Jack's first short fiction piece, a novella, was serialized in an old BBS site in 1992, with the first hard copy magazine story arriving in 1993.

He lives in eastern Pennsylvania with his supportive wife, a squad of feline editors, and an array of edged weapons to inspire his works.

About Running Wild Press
Running Wild Press is for readers who want stories outside the lines. The world was missing out on some of today's great voices because the stories didn't fit neatly in a category. Then the founders were asked,

"If that's how you feel, why don't you make space for those stories yourself?"

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