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Parcel Delivery Paperwork Problems Sorted by Worldwide Parcel Services


Belvedere, Dartford, Kent -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/15/2013 --When it comes to shipping parcels abroad then you could do it yourself, and on the face of it things seem relatively easy to ship to another country, but things can go wrong very fast and if you have not filled in the right paperwork then you could find yourself with your goods impounded in another country where nobody speaks your language. If this happens to you then you may well wish that you had used Worldwide Parcel Services who have many years of experience of shipping a wide variety of goods to other countries.

This is because Worldwide Parcel Services ship hundreds of parcels from the United Kingdom to countries around the World on a weekly basis, and they not only keep abreast of all the latest customs regulations, some of which can seem to change daily, but they also have in depth local knowledge of how the customs departments in certain problematic countries work.

You may think that you would have to pay a premium for access to this high level of knowledge, but Worldwide Parcel Services offer this as part of their standard international shipping service. This means that when you send a parcel abroad on one of their low cost parcel courier services, which start at just £17.99, that they will help guide you through what can otherwise be a minefield of paperwork. It is essential that all your paperwork is correct when sending any parcel abroad, as this is where most parcel shipping problems occur. Just one wrong document could see your shipment held up for weeks or even confiscated.

Also when sending goods abroad you need to be aware of what you can and cannot ship (Otherwise known as banned or prohibited goods), and Worldwide Parcel Services include this as part of their standard parcel service as well. This can be a great help as it is all too easy to try and ship an item that is legal in the United Kingdom, but not in the country you are sending it to. The importance of getting such good advice for free should not be overlooked, or otherwise once again your parcel may be at risk, and worse case you could get a hefty fine and a visit from the customs service.

Yet guiding you through this minefield is Worldwide Parcel Services who will help you deal with any issues and help you resolve them before they ever become a major problem.

Worldwide Parcel Services have shipping experts on hand with many years experience of dealing with the export of goods that you can phone up for advice prior to you shipping your parcel with them, and this is all part of the valued added service that they offer you within their standard parcel export services.

Being an online parcel courier, and this combined with their huge buying power, Worldwide Parcel Services are able to pass on substantial costs savings to you as the end customer meaning shipping to European destinations starts at just £17.99 and even sending a parcel to Japan is less than £33. So you may want to make your next international parcel booking online and take advantage of great rates and advice.