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Park City, Utah Dentist Dr. Jon Coleman Offers Latest Laser Technology in Treating Periodontal Disease

Dr. Jon Coleman of Newpark Dentistry in Park City, UT offers non-surgical treatment for periodontal disease


Park City, UT -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/13/2016 --Dr. Jon Coleman, Park City dentist at Newpark Dentistry is offering patients a better alternative to treating periodontal disease with the use of some of the latest laser technology in the industry. With laser treatment for periodontal disease, the procedure does not require any scalpels or sutures, and has been proven to provide patients with much more successful and lasting results for their oral health.

According to the CDC, half of American adults have periodontal disease, a chronic inflammatory disease that affects the gum tissue and bone that supports the teeth. If left untreated and when progressed into its latest stages, periodontal disease can lead to the loss of permanent teeth. Periodontal disease is completely preventable with regular flossing habits but it has also been scientifically linked to other conditions like diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Traditional treatment for periodontal disease involves deep cleaning, or scaling and root planing using hand instruments. In the most advanced stages, periodontal disease can require surgically removing diseased portions of the gum and suturing them back to heal. With laser periodontal treatment, Dr. Coleman is able to remove the bacteria and infection without other invasive instruments, but at the same time also sterilizes and seals the tissue in order to minimize bleeding. The combination of laser technology and the sealing of the tissue using light and heat energy helps to speed up the body's healing process, reducing the amount of discomfort and downtime for the patient following the procedure.

Laser treatment for periodontal disease is virtually painless for the patient, but Dr. Coleman can provide localized anesthetic when needed. In most instances, this treatment can be completed in just one visit. It drastically improves the patient's oral health, prevents damage to the surrounding healthy tissues and bone, and increases the chances of patients being able to keep their natural teeth once diagnosed with periodontal disease.

While Dr. Coleman offers effective treatments for periodontal disease, he strongly recommends that patients take a preventive approach to this condition by incorporating regular flossing habits as well as scheduling regular cleanings and check-ups to diagnose any problematic conditions in their earliest stages.

About Dr. Jon Coleman
Dr. Coleman completed his dental education at Baylor College of Dentistry and continued on to complete advanced dental education at the University of Utah. Dr. Coleman has spent the past 16 years in the dental industry and is an expert in many sub specialties of the profession. Newpark Dentistry is a family practice, and Dr. Coleman and his staff are committed to providing comfortable care for their patients in a warm, friendly environment.

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