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When it comes to kitting and fulfillment services, Park Press Printing is the leading service provider to rely on.


Saugus, MA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/16/2019 --Kitting is an ever-evolving process that aims to meet the changing needs. Across the manufacturing sector, it is used as a way of fulfilling orders, reducing time and labor. The method offers a high rate of savings in fulfillment costs.

Especially, kitting is an on-going process whereby people can group, package, and supply separate but related items together as one unit. Regardless of what items are to be shipped, the supplier assembles the parts into a kit to be sent.

From media kits to promotional packages and training materials, Park Press Printing takes care of every aspect of the programs from pre-pass through to delivery. With careful labeling, inventory management, and quality control, Park Press Print specializes in kitting and fulfillment services to help simplify the workflow and save time and money.

They can securely receive and store materials at their facility and free up space for their clients. Once all materials are grouped, they are packed according to the instructions. The packed items are then shipped to their customers or delivered to the clients for distribution.

Over the years, Park Press Printing has built thousands of kits for etailers and multi-level marketers. Depending on the items to be shipped, they regularly make elaborate kits that include different products. Their warehouse management system accurately manages one's inventory, as products are transferred from units to kits.

The kitting process in warehousing also is carried out by following specific standards into the supply chain that helps simplify cost modeling. All the contents of each kit are predetermined to makes calculating and predicting costs much easier than if they had to be drawn separately.

Moreover, kitting can be used as a way of reducing material handling and processing times at the point-of-use. It allows for the bathing of similar products to improve efficiency and streamline workflow.

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