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Parkway Display Report Exposes Counterfeit Acrylic Display Products Undercutting Current Market


Shenzhen, Guangdong -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/15/2016 --On Jun 15th 2016, the China Metropolitan News Channel reported that Ms. Luo, a Shenzhen resident, purchased a well-known brand's acrylic display product from the market, and two days later it turned out to have serious quality problems. The more important fact is that the product from that brand bore a distinct resemblance to a product made by competitor Parkway Display. Upon further investigation, it was finally revealed that that company in the acrylics industry had actually made a copy of the product from Parkway Display. In other words: a counterfeit.

This incident with inferior products might not seem noteworthy, but in fact, this could easily associate even the highest-quality brands with the well-known problem of unspoken rules within the acrylics production industry. One of the most well-known companies in the industry was contacted: Parkway Display. Mr. Vincent Ho, the Director of Sales and Marketing at Parkway Display, explains the central existing problems in the current market background as thus:

First, many acrylics display production companies choose to use only the blueprint offered by the clients, or to simply make counterfeits of existing products on the market; there is no process for product design, and no effort to meet a client's specific needs for product display, both of which lead to waste in terms of money and energy. Second, most companies in the industry have highly limited production conditions and lack experience, and use simple manufacturing processes which require fewer techniques; although these compromises ensure that prices stay low, the quality is utterly compromised. Worse still, in order to bring down the price, some companies use inferior raw materials or use toxic glues for bonding sites on their products such as acrylic display stands, acrylic display cases, POP cardboard display products and acrylic display boxes. These products have blemishes, dents, impurities, and accompanying pungent odors, and are frequently hazardous to the human body. The worst offenders have obviously rough cuts, poor fits on the conjoining surfaces, and overflowing adhesives, resulting in highly inconsistent product lines, the quality of which cannot be guaranteed. At the same time, Mr. Ho also shared those features which distinguish the acrylic display products of Parkway Display from other competitors.

- Acrylic Display Production Design. Parkway Display employs a professional design team. This team has 10 years of experience, and can therefore, guarantee a customer-oriented design ethos with more diverse, user-friendly functionality, meeting the specific product display needs of every customer.

- Acrylic Display Production Process. Parkway Display uses a 14-step manufacturing process, starting from the raw source materials and finishing with secured packaging and shipping. Parkway Display uses the highest-quality production techniques at all points in the manufacturing process, maximizing cost-effectiveness.

- Material Appearances. Parkway Display uses molds on all productions, to ensure consistency in product appearance. These molds use eco-friendly materials with high-permeability, high-transparency, bubble-free surfaces, and smooth, burr-free edges with exceptional light transmission.

- Attention to Detail. Parkway Display holds all products to the highest production standards, including special treatments on bonding sites, master workmanship, and no excess adhesive. All acrylic display products undergo 16 strict inspection processes, ensuring consistently high quality.

- Excellent Service. Parkway Display values every customer's interest. Specific liaisons are assigned to follow up with proofing, production, packaging, and shipping, to keep our manufacturing process worry-free for all customers. Professional customer service representatives help customers resolve any issues that may arise. All product packaging is in compliance with ISTA safety testing standards and are prepared for all harsh conditions during transport, ensuring that they arrive where the customer needs them, damage-free.

When it comes to comparing acrylic display products from the well-known Parkway Display company to those of other companies in similar sectors, we would like to remind potential customers that when they want the highest-quality acrylic display products, they should choose companies like Parkway Display. Thanks to the superior internal quality control, customers can rest assured. The best "high-permeability, high-transparency, bubble-free" acrylic display products can only be found at Parkway Display.

Vincent Ho
Parkway Display Products Limited
Location: 6/F, Zhongyu-B, Wenge Road, Heshuikou, Gongming Town, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province, China