Party Game That Involves Everyone in Fun, Laughter and Creative Story-Telling Is Now Available


Lisbon, Portugal -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/25/2017 --A party game which involves creative storytelling and lots of laughter is available for purchase from crowdfunding platform Indiegogo. The Awkward Storyteller is a straightforward card game for 4 to 11 players aged 16 and up. The format is certain to get participants smiling, interacting and thinking up original twists and plot lines for their story, which they make up as they go along, for the entertainment of the other players and anyone else who is listening.

The 18+ Expansion Deck contain adult themes for those over 18. The Blank Expansion Deck is used by players to write their very own story-beginnings and keywords, which they would like to see incorporated into other players' stories. Other reward tiers are available, starting at just €20 for The Awkward Storyteller Game. The Game itself consists of 121 Question Cards, 50 Story Cards, 11 Challenge Cards and a timer.

The game begins when a player (the Storyteller) selects a story card and reads out the caption upon it, which will be the first line of a story that has yet to be created. The other players then ask the Storyteller questions from their cards and the Storyteller begins to build their story. The Storyteller must develop his or her story ad hoc. This is done using a specific word on another player's card or the sentence must begin with the letter featured on the other player's card. If the Storyteller does not answer within 10 seconds or their answer doesn't make sense, the other players can play a red card. The red card can be used to keep score, thereby making The Awkward Storyteller a competitive game if that is what the players want.

"We have been testing The Awkward Storyteller for over a year, and the feedback has been amazing," said Bruno Saboga, creator of The Awkward Storyteller. "Every group that has trialled the game has wanted to buy it. We are excited to be at the stage where we can now send the game to those who want to support our project."

You can find out more about The Awkward Storyteller or purchase a Game via the Indiegogo page here:

About Bruno Saboga
Bruno Saboga is an entrepreneur with a passion for tabletop games. Saboga has created several games over the years and decided to run the Indiegogo campaign for The Awkward Storyteller after receiving such positive reviews for his fun party game.