Password Recovery from Passcovery: More Formats, More Speed

Passcovery just released updates to high-speed password recovery solutions for MS Office/OpenOffice files and Rar/Zip archives. The updated software supports an expanded list of formats and offers even faster speeds on Intel CPUs and NVIDIA GPUs.


St.Petersburg, Russia -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/02/2013 --Top programmers at Passcovery, a supplier of optimized high-speed password recovery solutions that leverage GPU computing, have made serious improvements to the company’s products, with updates for most of the programs in the series:

- Accent OFFICE Password Recovery, 9
- Accent RAR Password Recovery, 3
- Accent ZIP Password Recovery, 4.5
- Accent EXCEL Password Recovery, 7.5
- Accent WORD Password Recovery, 7.5

The updated software features both improved functionality and speed. Passcovery’s products now support RAR5 and OpenOffice 4 formats while recovering passwords up to twice as fast on modern hardware (Intel AVX2 CPUs and NVIDIA 6xx and 7xx GPUs).

Faster Password Recovery
Top speeds set Passcovery apart from the competition. To deliver the fastest possible speeds, all program modules were optimized to make use of the latest hardware technologies.

Passcovery’s updates include support for Intel AVX2, a new instruction set first offered in Intel Haswell processors; Passcovery products also now support new GPU kernels to leverage the power of NVIDIA graphics cards.

With these significant changes, Passcovery’s products now run up to twice as fast when recovering passwords for OpenOffice/Microsoft Office 2007-2013 files and Rar/WinZip AES archives, either with Intel Haswell processors or NVIDIA graphics cards with GF104 or better.

Support for RAR5 and OpenOffice 4
In addition to top speeds, Passcovery’s programs offer support for a wide range of formats. The company’s developers always react quickly to changes in the formats of supported documents and archives.

Passcovery’s updated programs now support Rar5 and OpenOffice 4, two new formats that were released just this past summer.

Passcovery software recovers both Rar5 and OpenOffice4 passwords at top speed on any processor; AMD and NVIDIA graphics cards accelerate speeds even further.

About Accent OFFICE Password Recovery
Accent OFFICE Password Recovery supports all versions of Microsoft Excel/Word (2-2013), some Microsoft Access/PowerPoint and all versions of OpenOffice. The software cracks multiple types of protection, including passwords to open, passwords to modify, VBA passwords and worksheet passwords. Accent OFFICE Password Recovery can recover or delete certain types of passwords instantly, and it recovers all the rest at top speeds. The software supports GPU computing on AMD and NVIDIA graphics cards for Microsoft Office 2007-2013 and all OpenOffice files.

About Accent RAR Password Recovery
Accent RAR Password Recovery provides high-speed recovery of RAR archive passwords using AMD and NVIDIA graphics cards. The software supports the RAR 3.x format used by WinRar 2.90 and higher.

About Accent ZIP Password Recovery
Accent ZIP Password Recovery recovers passwords to open Zip archives protected by both classic and WinZip AES encryption. The software runs on AMD and NVIDIA graphics cards for accelerated password recovery.

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