PatCom Medical Inc.

PatCom Medical Inc, Receives FDA and Health Canada Approval for Transnasal Esophageal Introducer


Toronto, ON -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/09/2020 --Medical equipment solutions provider, PatCom Medical, has received the green light from the FDA and Health Canada for their newest device, the PatCom Introducer.

The PatCom Introducer is an overtube designed to gain seamless access to the esophagus under visualization of a nasal endoscope. It can be used by Ear Nose and Throat Doctors, Speech Language Pathologists and Gastroenterologists on Manometry catheters, ph- monitoring catheters, and Nasogastric feeding tubes.

Until now, passing transnasal catheters into the esophagus has always posed a risk. This is as it can result in coughing, gagging and even choking if the catheter touches structures such as the base of the tongue, the epiglottis, or is misplaced in the trachea. The PatCom introducer eliminates these risks since it uses visualization capabilities from endoscopes for transnasal navigation into the esophagus. Once it is in place, the PatCom Introducer functions as a channel to guide catheters into position into the esophagus and stomach. The clinician can then remove it by peeling it away.

Since 2018, PatCom Medical has been offering equipment solutions in the field of dysphagia, swallowing diagnostics, reflux testing and high-resolution manometry. The company offers a range of equipment including nasal endoscopy, 24h pH monitoring equipment, high resolution manometry equipment and the PatCom Introducer.

CEO of PatCom Medical, Christoph Schmitz, said: "Since day one, improving patient comfort has been our number one priority. Getting approval for the PatCom Introducer is a win-win for everyone involved. It will undoubtedly help with patient satisfaction and compliance, which ultimately increases quality of care. This is what PatCom Medical is striving for."

The PatCom Introducer is an industry first and application for a patent is pending. The device has demonstrated proven advantages in the placement of Manometry catheters, ph-monitoring catheters and Nasogastric feeding tubes.

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