Patrick Augustine Looks to Clean the Polluted Planet with His Marathon of Light Project

A unique green energy project, the Marathon of Light looks to promote green technology to combat pollution and global climate change.


Mount Vernon, WA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/26/2016 --The Marathon of Light is a green energy project that seeks to promote environmentally friendly ideas and highlight the importance of green technology in the ongoing effort to clean up our polluted world and help us all adapt to climate change. It will do this by driving an electric motorcycle around the world.

This project is the brainchild of Patrick Augustine.

The first project of its kind, the Marathon of Light will be comprised of four major trips including:
The United States of America: starting at the Hearthstone Historic House Museum in Appleton, Wisconsin, the first home powered by the Edison System. From there, the project team will visit major eco-projects across the United States and document their progress.

The United Kingdom: starting at Craigside House in Northumberland, which was the world's first house ever to use hydroelectricity (1863). The team will travel throughout the British Isles to find out more about their efforts to keep the planet green and pollution-free.

Europe: The project team will travel across Europe exploring various environmentally related projects. Their route will follow the Danube River to the Black Sea Harbour in Romania.

Japan: The Marathon of Light team will also travel throughout Japan, highlighting the country's achievements in the field of environmental protection and sustainability.

Key objectives:
- Symbolizing Change & Adaptation
- Promoting Green Energy Ideas
- Documenting practical solutions to environmental problems
- Creating A "Green Book" of eco-companies
- Encourage the development of a new power grid based on sustainable energy
- Documenting the Journey

Highlighting the importance of this project, its creator Patrick Augustine states, "We will champion people, social groups and environmentally conscious businesses who invest in new sources of power to protect nature, create green jobs and improve the health of our planet. Tomorrow belongs to the sun!"

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Contact: Patrick Augustine