PAYYAP LLC Launches PAYYAP - The Payments App

PAYYAP app is first to market with "8th Channel" technology for accepting AMEX, Discover, MasterCard & VISA payments in real-time.


New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/09/2016 --PAYYAP LLC announces the official launch of PAYYAP (pronounced: "pay-app") - The Payments App™. PAYYAP is a revolutionary payment app — first to market with merchant-initiated IVR payments (aka "8th Channel" payment technology).
"8th Channel payment technology," explains Shea Writer, Director of PAYYAP LLC "offers a faster payment, safer e-commerce, and no squares, no dongles — no hardware plugins of any kind."
Merchants can simply download PAYYAP, activate their account and start accepting in-person and/or card-not-present payments in real-time.
PAYYAP facilitates PCI/DSS-compliant payments from AMEX, Discover, MasterCard and VISA credit and debit cards.
PAYYAP is free and instant, to download and activate.
To take a payment, merchants (PAYYAP users) simply enter the name, amount, and telephone number of the person from whom they wish to take a payment e.g., the customer.  That's it!  PAYYAP initiates an automated, voice-driven call to the customer.
The customer does not need PAYYAP to complete the payment.
The customer receives a normal telephone call, and completes a standard, automated, voice-driven payment over the telephone.
The result is an efficient app-driven payment service that gets people paid in "real-time".  PAYYAP - The Payments App™ is compatible with all iOS and Android mobile devices and is now available for free download from Google Play, iTunes, and Amazon.  
App Highlights (Value to Individuals / Business):
100% PCI/DSS-compliant. 
No monthly, annual or recurring maintenance fees of any kind.
No dongles, swipers, or hardware plugins required!
"Real-time" payment completion.
Recorded voice authorizations are captured, (per payment) to reduce fraud & disputes.
Cheaper than Square™.
Faster and easier than PayPal™.
Additional Highlights (Value to Customers): 
No desktop / laptop / tablet required.
No internet required / no Apps to download.
Automated telephone call is familiar and free.
Payment is quickly completed by speaking to an automated operator or by using the telephone keypad.
"Recognizing that mobile commerce is expected to grow 200% faster than e-commerce in 2017, services processing higher-value transactions will be key," Shea Writer says.  "First to deliver swift and secure consumer payments via the 8th channel, PAYYAP will help drive this growth."  

PAYYAP -- The Payments App™
Now available for all iPhone, iPad and Android devices:
PAYYAP LLC is a New-York based financial services company specializing in "8th Channel" payment solutions.
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