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PBA Becomes the Only Provider to Specialize in Helping Former Execs Start a Second Career

Unemployment or Retirement Doesn't Mean Stop Working, Starting a Business is a Great Alternative to Both


San Antonio, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/28/2014 --For a long time the ability to start and make a successful business go has been one of the top three ways to generate not just income, but also long-term wealth. Whole families have pulled themselves up from being wage workers or first arrivals in this country, to being leaders of established institutions by starting a business. However, this career path option is not limited to just the young. There are many opportunities where older entrepreneurs find a niche, especially when considering income alternatives after finishing a successful primary career.

There are always risks with starting a business, but it is also far easier today than it has ever been in the past. This is because of a tool which makes a huge difference in start up cost: the Internet. There has been few other ways in previous years where a business can start, develop its market, hire people, and generate significant revenue without having to have a brick and mortar location first.

When risks do occur they are frequently due to undercapitalization and underestimating 'what it takes' to get a business launched successfully. Fortunately, all of these issues can be minimized with training, education provided through proven franchising, licensing and/or distributorships models. 

The un-and underemployment rate for senior-level executives  is 42% nationwide. Age discrimination -while illegal in the U.S.- is widespread and very common in the job market today. Anyone over 40 years of age competes at a significant disadvantage -not because of age, but due to the higher cost associated with more experience. This is why opening a business is such a viable alternative. 

It takes advantage of an executive's experience, know-how, allows him or her to be independent from the volatile job market and, most importantly, in control of their own destiny. PBA is the only provider in the world focusing on these issues and former senior-level executives exclusively, We are also the only company globally which has a true 'Supermarket for Business Opportunities,' helping guide new market entries into viable and successful second careers as business owners. If this sounds like a familiar path, give a call to find out more.

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